Nanotechnology Offers the Best Way to Fight Cancer

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Nanotechnology is the engineering of small particles and components, and can be done on a molecular or even atomic scale. Nanotechnology is completed in a laboratory using a plating process to create a small-amount of a very small substance. Nanotechnology offers a targeted and healty advance in the fight against cancer.

We fight cancer the way we have been, using chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. The problem with this is that the body is damaged during the therapy, and recovery is arduous. Surgery, radiation and chemicals are hard on the body, and weaken the immune system of those in treatment, making them susceptible to all manners of illness. We need a targeted treatment, and nanotechnology is an option.

Nanotechnology offers us the ability to target specific compounds and signatures of cancer cells. This is akin to a sniper targeting an enemy soldier, unlike chemotherapy or radiotherapy that is akin to a shotgun. We need to get behind these novel therapies. The technology can be applied by an oncologist at the atomic scale, and will likely be engineered in a laboratory with specifications for the specific cancer cells. The targeting of the cancer cells will likely reduce fatigue and illness, and will allow survivors to return to their daily lives with vigor.

This technology is still aways off, and we need to let our officials know we want to pursue it. I can definitely support this technological endeavor.

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It is a great move, lots of lives have been rendered useless as a result of this terrible disease called CANCER, it will be great to watch the implementation of nano technology.

I agree. It is a great technology.

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