What is Customer Relationship Management? How You Can Manage Your Customer Relationships

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Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) is a central business principle. Simply put, it is how we manage relationships in business with our customers. Relationships are absolutely key in business, and our customers feel better when we actively serve them. A sales transaction is an exercise in problem solving, and as the world turns, new opportunities and threats emerge.

Youe customers are internal and external. Your customer is the entity you provide a service and value to. It can be a purchaser, your manager, a regulator or even a competitor. Produce high-quality and timely work with direct answers to your customer's requests. If something is wrong with an ask by a customer, let them know and if you cannot do something, do not hide it.

Know your customer and their needs. What does your customer value? Is it low cost? Quality? Or is it luxury? Without knowing, you are taking a shot in the dark. Survey and speak with your customer. Ask them what they want in your product offering and offer them a variety of packages.

Stay abreast with industry standards, products and trends. Knowledge is key. Is a new regulation around the corner? Has the market turned against certain product features. Keep in mind that change is constant.

Followup and survey your customers. Keep a tickler file and contact your customers at regular intervals. A customer may be looking for new vendors, and you can nab more business simply by asking at the right time.

Relationships should be as organic as they can be. Be a customer service professional by solving problems, creating a win-win event and monitoring and anticipating your customer's needs.

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Nice article. Yes, CRM is extremely important.

Love your post, thanks for sharing.

Truly correct, different customers want different things and depending on location it is relevant to focus on what your customers truly want and how best you can get them satisfied.

You got a 100.00% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @myblurtrides1!

Hello friend, excellent publication, the truth is that the relationship with the clients must be very pleasant, they are the base of any business so we must take care of them and take them into account before any need! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! Yes, without customers, our business will fall.

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