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Greetings fellow Steemit community, welcome back to my blog, where you can find content from the broad universe of science, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, philosophy and general knowledge accompanied by scientific outreach, a special hello to the communities Spanish-speaking communities that stimulate science content.


To think of free thought within the diversity of study of the different disciplines of science we find ourselves in astronomy, since it is a science that has not yet established itself because its essence links the study of the characteristics and movements of the stars. or celestial bodies, humanity spent several moments in history to know the unknown of the stars and the planets that are outside our planet earth, however there is another aspect within this discipline study of the formation and development of the universe as a whole through cosmology, and is related to physics through astrophysics, biology is also linked and chemistry is a universe of knowledge combined, as I mentioned earlier, the scientific methodology of this field began to develop from ancient times to the present day, since the The universe surprises us with new puzzles to the point that it relied on other sciences to give it more senses of the co sas, began with the development of celestial mechanics and the laws of gravitation by Isaac Newton entered a modern era of science leaving behind a fiction for more creative and accurate knowledge. What keeps this science as a distinction is the following simplicity based on an account of the observations, discoveries and knowledge, a very unique experiment by great scientists was to make a small simulation of the characteristic environment of the sun, which consisted of using hot gases showed, where they showed the same lines could be observed in the gas spectrum, not only the conquest of the universe with that knowledge of the experiment, but also the stars are considered very distant objects and with the spectroscope they were shown to be similar to the sun thanks to technological development .

Four interesting branches of Astronomy that we must know:

[1] - Position astronomy.

[2] - Celestial mechanics.

[3] - Astrophysics.

[4] - Cosmology.

In another idea order Astronomy was a very influential source in philosophy with the evolution of knowledge, from the point of view of the perception we have about the universe, which allows us to see; In addition, each observer's own and individual consciousness linking the abstraction of the reality of each observer, which in the end becomes an individual truth, but with extensive new knowledge, which becomes scientific theories with the aim of representing this reality the which describe our observations of that universe, which in turn undergoes a scientific method. A mirror of astronomy is the experimental observational, where the conditions cannot change the physical conditions of the system that observes or studies, but can elaborate the theory of its observational documentation of this celestial body in space, an example is the observation of the physical optical phenomena of light emitted from space by stars or celestial bodies, the interesting thing is how travels through space from its origin to us all under the time factor for being with finite characteristics, in such a way these facts are creating enigmas to then give answers just think about the following, if the light travel between two origin and destination points it is considered that it travels in a vacuum at a constant speed or it can also occur independently of any observer involved who makes a movement of it.

The ability to give a certainty of the solar system is thanks to technology, intended for these studies have given us great fruit in this regard on the knowledge of the planets of the solar system, this allows us to generate models of extrasolar planets using the base of the planets that orbit around other stars. In another singular approach, it is time to study the evolution of the stars in order to answer the riddles as to how long the sun will be, as a celestial body with the greatest source of energy, it is linked to cosmology to know what future awaits us from the universe.

But the light of astronomy could not be hidden any longer and his emancipation from astrology came from the hand as Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543). Information consulted in Brief history of astronomy by Ángel Rodríguez Cardona, 2013.

In the focus of cosmology one of its passions is the Big Bang theory, as a very mystical fact of describing this the early universe originated by an explosion under a scheme, to represent the universe as it expanded from an extremely state dense and hot, giving rise to the singularity where it creates a link between matter, time and space, with the fact that the gravity of that historical moment is unknown, in the same way the conditions were given to allow the formation of subatomic particles and more take simple atoms. Distant galaxies are moving away from us, in the sense that matter was grouping together to form clouds of primordial elements, with the singular evolved to the point that they grew so much that stars began to arise and formed galaxies with the other celestial bodies is Because the fate of the universe is intimately related to its geometry, it is based on the theory that it expands considering with a flat characteristic under the Euclidean approach, where it includes the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180 °, at time We have the following position in which it is handled, it expands and then it stops, creating a geometry with a positive curvature, just like that of the surface of an elastic sphere, these slopes have their beginnings with the Big Bang theory, which served as a base area of ​​study of astronomy.

Brief history of astronomy by Ángel Rodríguez Cardona, 2013.



Solid articles.
Sometimes I wonder what is the difference between astronomy and aeronautics

Aeronautics is in charge of the study, design and manufacture of these aerial vehicles.

great explanation, and certainly astronomy it is an exciting and beautiful science. I have always dreamed of have a telescope and look at the stars

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