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If you've been in the crypto currency mainstream for a while, you would probably have heard of Airdrops. If not, don't worry I'll hold your hand all the way through it. Airdrops are currently the hot cake and have flooded the system of which there are still more yet to come.

The original usage of the word is from military history where planes flew over refugees and villages and dropped food from the skies above them. It could also be linked to Apple's file sharing term. But in the cryptocurrency market, the word airdrop comes with a whole different narrative. And these airdrops are normally released at the onset of an ICO launch.


ICO means Initial Coin Offering and it is launched when a new cryptocurrency is introduced into the market. It's similar to an IPO which is Initial Public Offering. And while you can buy the offering of the coin and earn an extra token, many cryptocurrency creators tend to release these airdrops to entice the attention of potential customers.

Airdrops are tokens which are freely given out for marketing purposes into your wallet. Now you might wonder the sense in giving out tokens you're not guaranteed to get back. While the rationale behind such a question is valid, there is a good number of reasons why such a free transaction can be mutually beneficial.


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Explained below are some of the reasons why currency creators give out airdrops;

Creation of awareness: The most popular way of getting these airdrops is by completing tasks assigned by the startup cryptocurrency creators. This may come in the form of publishing a post on social media, referring individuals, or on your own blog. At times, you are even given a certain number of referrals to make to qualify for the airdrop. This stunt by the creators helps to put the word of a new currency out there.

To accelerate the rate of adoption: Once the currency gains fame and stands out amongst the lot, people invest their time to acquire the tokens. These free tokens are later traded by some of the users consequently. By trading the tokens, more tokens are later purchased by users, increasing the total holders of the coin.

Raising of funds: You might wonder how giving out money could earn you more right? The truth is that the adoption of the currency by crypto markets ginger traders to exchange stocks of the token. Then the market niche for the coin increases as excess traders exchange the token. Once the demand for the coin increases by a wide margin, the price shoots up and up and the lost money to the airdrop campaign is replenished with much more profits.

There is a behemoth of competition amongst startup currencies as altcoins have also flooded the market with more and more joining the stock exchanges. This is to point out that airdrops are very real and you can earn them by participating in their campaigns. Some popularity sites for said campaigns are;

Airdrop alerts



All these sites have different interfaces with their pros and cons. My personal favourite is airdrop alerts but I recommend you go through them and decide for yourself. I must however point out that point you must follow the step-by-step guidelines of the currencies listed to actually stand a chance of earning. Hope you win!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

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l would like to know your thoughts and contributions in the comment section. Thank you for your attention. And stay tuned for more.

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Some Airdrops are scams. One needs to be very careful.

@tomlee Very true!! Unfortunately that's the world we live in now with scammers catfishing our info and stealing hard earned money. In fact, we should suspect most of these airdrops before looking up the ICO profile.

Check for the reviews and the ratings as well. Then one can decide for him or herself whether or not its worth it. Thanks for chipping in, solid point.

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