Building Integrity in Business.

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Hello friends, how are you doing today? The weather is quite cold because it has been raining which is not really good for business but we are glad for the rain. Today has been an extremely busy day but I had to gather strength to put up some piece on my blog before going to bed.

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There is one thing I have always learnt about integrity, and that is the fact that it has the ability to make any person stand out from others, a business owner with integrity will be meet with better options that will result in the growth of the business.

As a person, I only like to promise what I can do, so whatsoever is not within my capacity I will rather not mention and I took that same capacity into business and on several occasions I have had people tell me that I was supposed to promise what I will not be able to deliver but that was far from my personality so I will just have to promise only what I could keep up to.
I also understand that I am building a brand, so I carefully take my time to scan through goods before I purchase them, it might take time but I know that giving my customers a solid quality is highly important, I was doing all this without knowing if my customers appreciated my product or not. But I was surprised today when I overheard someone saying he is certain that the best product they want can be obtained from my store.

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Sometimes it might not even be as profitable as we want it to be because it is cheaper and more convenient to sell a product that is sub-standard than selling a product that is of a great quality but a business built with strong integrity (in my opinion), is one that will stand through rough and tough periods.

Truth is, we live in a world where people are looking for quick and non-durable items, a lot of people do not care about the future, they are only concerned about the moment but there are few people also who always look for quality all the time and those few people are enough to make your business succeed. As a liable brand builder we have to always remember that everyone cannot become a customer, there are certain customers that might not be patient enough to get quality service but there are others who always search for quality items no matter what happens.

Thanks for reading, I am @oluwatobiloba


Hello @oluwatobilobBuilding a brand, can take time, I assume. I'm not into that, although in a way with publications one does something similar, I suppose.
Truly, you won't have everything for everyone, it's a reality, almost impossible to satisfy all tastes.

Yes dear friend, it is difficult to build a brand but we need to keep striving, enjoy your day.

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