In presenting your business well, your employees have to be properly educated.

Hello lovely friends, I hope you are doing well today? And we are moving towards another weekend so some of us might just get the time to relax with friends and family. I am so glad to see you on my blog today and as usual, you know that I love to share lessons I learn from my personal business with you or if there is something I feel business owners should know, I am coming right here to share it immediately.

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Today, I woke up late and was unable to prepare breakfast for myself so I decided to eat out and when I got to the restaurant, the space of the receptionist was vacant and I had to call out before the receptionist came out with a long face and as if that was not enough, I greeted her twice and she just ignored my greeting. I was irritated by her action and just wanted to walk out but remembering that the business does not belong to her just made me stay back to get what I wanted.

She was grumbling about something but I could not place what it was exactly that she was grumbling about, I however choose to ignore her and take out the vital lessons I needed from the situation. There was a time I went for a job interview and the interviewer clearly warned about keeping our emotions in check before coming to work and this is one thing every entrepreneur must know and also teach employees.

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From what I experienced today, I have a bad view about that restaurant already as a result of the way the employee behaved which might not be the fault of the entrepreneur but the employee represents the company and must be taught to behave appropriately.

It is your duty as the business owner to employ correctly.

Although we might not know everything about a person from a one-time interview but it is possible to get a glimpse of how efficient the person is going to be from the interview conducted, the code is never to employ out of pity, everyone is desperate when seeking employment so that should not fool you to accepting just anyone. Get a standard of what you need in your employee and make sure that you employ correctly, put your emotion in check during an interview and use your brain.

Give proper orders about their behaviour towards customers.

Like the example I gave above, during that interview the employee had warned us about keeping our emotional trouble in check. Inform every employee about how important customers are to your firm and establishment and irrespective of their mood, customers must always be attended to properly. It is not a crime to check on your staff from time to time and make sure they are doing alright, a little care shown towards your staff will not cost you anything in my opinion.

I hope the post was worth your time, you can drop a comment about your opinion, an up-vote and resteem is also acceptable have a great weekend. Thanks for reading, I am @oluwatobiloba.


Great article. Education and training are absolutely essential and disengagement in the worldpace is a big deal. It is cheaper to train and educate than to continuously turn over.

You are right, it is easier and better to train workers than to lose customers.

In a business circle, it is one thing to employ and another thing to employ correctly just like you said

Thanks for reading.

We are emotional creature but we must learn to control our emotions.
If you do not put your emotion in check, you will ruin your work for that day and the customers will have a wrong picture of your organization.

Absolutely... Thanks for reading.

A strength for each organization is its human talent, especially its training and every day, new strategies and technology are born to train them to know how to use it, thank you for your great contribution.

I believe that in a certain way we have all gone through something similar, experiences that one sees as absurd, because in the end the injured party is the business itself.
But everyone must organize and obviously the business owner must look for ways to improve his staff.

Right employees make a business successful but wrong ones lead to it's destruction.

It is certainly important that our employees have an adequate education to obtain the success of our business. Greetings and thank you for sharing.

Thanks for reading.

Entrepreneurs need to always reach employees manners and while employing, only the patient ones who can relate well with customers all the time should be employed.

Valid training is always essential, thank you for coming around.

Valid training is
Always essential, thank you
For coming around.

                 - oluwatobiloba

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Hello friend, you are right, the attitude we have towards our clients says a lot about our business, nobody wants to be treated badly, quite the opposite. thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading friend.

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