Things to Consider before Choosing to Multi-Task as a Small Business Owner.

Hello friends, hope your day is going well, this month is already moving to an end and I am just like what is going on exactly, can this time just take a pause and wait for me to catch up? Unfortunately, time waits for no one it is either you move on a fast pace in order to catch up or you miss the train that is the truth of the matter that no one can change.

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As you know, I love talking about lessons drawn from life and business in general, I believe that sharing my mistakes will help others not to fall into the same trap especially when it comes to business. I am a great supporter of having multiple streams of income and I can multi task myself so much to get what I want without minding what the reaction on my health is going to be. As a small business owner, I learnt that when you want to multi-task, it is important to only do tasks that will not affect your business.

I was trying to do some multi-tasking sometimes last year so I decided to take up a monthly paying job in a bank, my intention was to employ someone who would watch over my business then I will go to work from morning to evening and return back to handle my business in the evening after I return from work since I close a little bit late. When I spoke to my sister about it, she reminded me about how stressful it was going to be but I needed the money so I was willing to go through the stress anyways then my partner reminded me about how my employee might decide not to show up at work the following day and that means I might have to lock up my business for that day which was not a good idea.

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Just before I started work my employee decided not to show up to work the following day after I paid her salary and I was happy I had not resumed work before she did that, asides from the stress, the part of employee disappointment was also there, so I decided to face my blogging platform. This aspect of blogging could be conveniently managed with my business and I will not have to bother if my employee shows up the following day or not.

So I learnt my lesson from this and I hope that you learn also, there are certain jobs that cannot be handled together and as a start-up small business owner you need to understand that when it comes to multi-tasking you have to either choose between monitoring your business properly and taking that time consuming job, it is wise to multi-task reasonably.


You are right here. There are jobs you can't multitask with your start-up business, especially banking job. Well, except you are in the marketing section where you can steal out time to breeze into your business.

Nice piece Tobi

Abi ooo thanks a lot for stopping by friend.

Multitasking is a good thing for people who want to earn more funds but like your suggestion it needs to be done wisely.

Greetings friend, very good advice, you are absolutely right, we must select several tasks that allow us to balance our activities without decreasing our productivity and pace of work. Creating content on this type of platform is a more flexible activity where you do not have a fixed schedule and therefore does not interfere with your face-to-face activities. I identify with your writing 👍

Thanks for sharing such an excellent article, have a great week.

Thanks for coming around friend.

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