A good vision in teamwork

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For many organizations, companies, producers, you have set your goals in order to have greater profitability, but you have to be clear about neither the shareholders, owners, managers, their role is to exercise good leadership where the work is delegated, since one He cannot play God, he recommends making his work team and delegating his functions to optimize time to meet the goals, even a small farmer needs a small work team to start up to cultivate, take care of the crop, collect, They are basic things that we cannot stop forgetting and stop being a bit individualistic, but for it to be considered team or cooperative work, the work must have an organizational structure that favors the joint development of the work and not that each of the members do a part of the work and put them together, it is true that it is very influential to work in this way if human talent is stimulated we will have good results. You have to have a positive vision taking into account that every organization has its weaknesses, but you always have to move forward and is subject to our change in our environment, competitors, or other factor that affects us as an organization.

At the time the work team is structured, rules and procedures to follow are reestablished since all companies have an economic activity and must be subject to all the standards established in the market, either for the production and sale of a product, The scopes with the rules provide each individual with a basis to predict the behavior of others and prepare an appropriate response, since this efficient way of working that delivers various points of view and that serves to more efficiently resolve conflicts that arise in the field economic, political and social, key to this way of working must exist a schedule of activities subject to each of the goals and conflicts to be resolved, communication and information management between the members of the team formed, are important keys for the scope of success. That is why the posture is adapted between the team members, even if it is of different personalities, take a flexible and adaptable posture, considering that many people are not familiar with working in a work team, but risks are always assumed all the time and greater risk is greater. it will be the profitability of a company.

The success of all teamwork is knowing how to listen well to those ideas and ideas as well as criticism, with the sense there is a lot of way of thinking and each individual handles their philosophy as they see fit, you have to have a little effort to be tolerant, every day He always leaves us a lesson, even the best chef needs this strategy in order to do it well and above all then congratulate his team member who support him, everything in life has this characteristic that he can put into practice if it is to paint a house .



Greetings colleague, very good posh, if I agree that working as a team is a good strategy to maximize resources, create responsibility and stimulate the members of the work team.

Having a teamwork is very good but like you said it is also risky.

Without a doubt, one must have an excellent vision for teamwork, especially considering how important harmony is in teamwork. Greetings and thanks for your valuable contribution.

Working as a team gets the burden off the shoulder of just one person, it makes the work load more convenient for everyone involved.

Good article, it is a challenge to work in a group due to the competition of one against the other in the groups and those characteristics are more marked in Latin countries.

Hello friend, teamwork is necessary in any business, understanding and communicating is fundamental. The competition must be healthy in case there is of rest the consideration I must prevail. Thank you for sharing.

A good team always bringing up innovative ideas will add more progress and success to the business than one can ever imagine.

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