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In my yesterday's article I wrote and posted to the Steemit community, "PROJECT HOPE", with the heading, "STEEM, THE POWER OF BLOCKCHAIN!!!", I gave a brief elucidation on money, it's origin, forms and it's evolution through time to the present age. When I look at that antic Kobo coin, I can't help imagining how constant and rapid the phenomenon we have come to call change, a factor of Evolution is. I remember my own mother told me that as a very little girl she was going on business trips with my Grand mother and she was a witness to the use of cowrie shells
images (16).jpegas a medium of exchange for goods and services in some remote Urhobo villages and most especially in the riverine communities of the Izon tribe. Although Money had a mordern form in the then widely coined and distributed penny,
IMG-20200228-WA0002.jpgit's mundane presence in the aforementioned communities was not due to scarcity, but a psychological process was at play. It has always been natural for man to put up some measure of resistance to change in almost all circumstances of life. Man has always been comfortable with the acquainted and has aways dreaded and shunned the novel and unknown. Infact if not for "Necessity", the Man Friday of the inevitable process of Evolution, man would be contented, scantily claded in animal skin while feeding off the fruits of the trees in the Garden of Eden for all eternity. But Necessity, armed with the devil's fork launches an unexpected assault on man pricking Him sore on his buttocks and the soles of his feet until he is left with no option but to flee from his self deluded state of contentment, sprinting onto the never ending race tracks of Evolution until Necessity takes a temporary rest, retiring from her routine. Once more Evolution won the day and man dumped his sea shells beneath the waves of history and took up coined metals, a more durable but harder form of money. The clang and clink of the new spectacle excited the rich to new heights but soon excitement gave way to despair when "rich man" realized that with great wealth comes great weight. Weight fitted for the one who is ready like a beast of burden to bear the crushing weight of vast sums of coined metals on his person. He resorted to having paid servants bearing on their shoulders and heads the weight of his burdensome treasures but not infrequently was he robbed and murdered by the very ones appointed as beast of burden to his leaden treasures. Once more Evolution came to the rescue and the minted metallic conudrum gave way to money, light as paper but with value often time surpassing a hundred fold that of the abandoned metallic standard. Paper money was born!
images (17).jpeg
For the first time merchants could carry in their pockets money, in value a hundred fold worth more than coined metals but a triffle in weight compared to what he had to deal with in previous forms of money. Things got better, contentment a "second nature" of man set in but this was not to last for men of the "underworld" armed with lethat weapons wasted no opportunities in laying ambush for no other purpose but to kill and dispossess the rich of life and wealth. The birth of the internet brought a brief reprieve from the earlier problems, money became digitized and contactless, and we are living witnesses to the evolving forms of money. In the year 2009 things got better, for the first time money became anonymous, the cryptocurrency was born
images (18).jpeg
and one could be in possession of vast sums of money without any form of governmental or criminal censorship. The year 2016 saw the birth of a very remarkable and promising cryptocurrency "STEEM" ,
images (7).jpeg a lighter form of the first, the Bitcoin. Yes a lighter form because with lightness comes speed. So far we have seen how far the road of evolution money has travelled, what ever enigmas in the future form of money is waiting to pounce on our waiting consciousness is a matter of speculation and guess. Cryptocurrencies are here today maybe to become the new Standard!!! Use them!!!


Hello @onos-steve
Thank you for writing in the Project Hope community, a very good way to present the evolution of money, a very particular way of writing and telling the story.
Thank you.

Thanks for the encouragement 🙏

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