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Nothing escapes evolution. Death is the end of life, but to not evolve is to die and go into extinction. From the earliest times when man just became civilized enough to engage in commerce, there has always been a medium of exchange for goods and services. Over thousands of years money, the world-standard medium of exchange has undergone a tremendous evolution from little pieces of fancy rocks, sea shells, coined metals to the present day fiat. The transition from one form of money to another over aeons had not been a smooth and swift process. It has always been fraught with some difficuties and forms of psychological resistance from a good majority of the people. First they ridicule, then they doubt and finally they accept it as the new standard. Evolution itself has never for one moment as a process been free of the forces of resistance but at the end a choice is made by the one undergoing the inevitable processess of evolution, "evolve or die into extinction". Like in the past ages gone by, once more money is undergoing a tremendous change but unlike in the past, for the first time in the history of money, it's undergoing a change in form and function. Money is becoming "smart".
The phantasmagoria of smart and contactless money for decades has always dodged the footsteps of the then newly invented and presently evolving internet but it was not until the last decade that this thought was given form in the White Papers of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin. Bitcoin evolved and in it's evolution birthed it's strains, and others evolved directly out of the BLOCKCHAIN technology upon wish it was built. March 24th 2016 saw the birth of one of the smartest forms of money, a cryptocurrency christened "Steem". Smarter, faster in transaction, super-affordable and far less energy consumption in mining, Steem has positively distinguished itself from earlier forms of cryptocurrencies and even the more popular Bitcoin. The smartest move ever made by the Steem BLOCKCHAIN developers was to integrate the mining of new Steem coins with the activities of individuals and communities in the fast rising Social Media platform, Steemit. For the first time in the history of "Smart Money", people are getting paid for social media activities in cryptocurrencies freshly mined from the Steem BLOCKCHAIN. With the fast rising population of people in social media communities, there's no doubt a significant share will be drawn to the Steem's Social Media platform Steemit, to get paid for adding value to the overall health of the online community. With added value will Steem and it's sister coins in the nearest future attain to new heights in price and value, an astronomical leap that will take it to
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the list of top twenty most valuable cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in the world.

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