Birth of the Project "PH-EMERGENCYFUND"

Hello dear Project Hope community, this is an informative post of a new project that we are already running. It arises as an initiative from a concern of an area that is particularly important in everyone's life, as it is the process of HEALTH / DISEASE.

We are practically certain that this is a project in which we will be pioneers, which will have a very positive impact on the lives of many people.

Fortunately we can support each other in the complicated moments that life sometimes puts in our way.


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In view of the difficulties faced by some countries and how difficult it can be to cover medical expenses in most cases, this project arises in which we intend to create a fund for unexpected medical expenses to the members of the Project Hope Core Team.

For more details on how this idea started you can check out the following post:

FEW UPCOMING CHANGES within PH community 4 problems and suggested solutions

The following is highlighted in this publication, and it is good to keep it very much in mind:

  • Access to ph-emergencyfund support will be limited to PH CORE TEAM members only, who also share in the 50% reward split in their posts. This is an additional way to encourage our most loyal members to establish a 50% beneficiary to ph-fund.
  • At the end of each month, 3-5% of all profits received in the @ph-fund account will be transferred to this account (@ph-emergencyfund) and those funds will be used as needed.

At this point, we already know that we have captured your attention and that you can see the significance of this project in terms of the comprehensive support provided by Project Hope, taking advantage of the possibility of making tangible the benefits that through this platform we are obtaining.



In fact, it should be noted that the first large transfer to this account has already been made, a total of 384 Steem are already in the fund, as you can see in the image above.

• Jose Vasquez (@josevas217) and Jose Lanz (@lanzjoseg) will manage this project and for you to receive some extra financial help (to cover medical expenses), our members will have to contact them directly.

Jose is a doctor and nurse by profession, so he is trained to attend this kind of situations and provide support not only in the transfer of the funds (previous verification of the case 1).

  • 1 When we talk about verification we refer to those medical reports, receipts, and other documents that justify the request for support.

  • It will be necessary, once the expenses are paid, to be able to prove them by means of invoices.

More details will be agreed in the process, the important thing is that we are already active.

The project is already alive.

For Discord contacts:






Thanks to:


For crystallizing this beautiful medical benefit project that continues to give us all so much hope. Greetings and thank you for sharing this information.

Greetings to all my dear friends at @project.hope.

By reading this article I corroborate once again, that I am in a great team, that knows how to manage in an efficient and fair way the community. Having an emergency fund is an incentive for those of us who are active on the platform, in Venezuela it will surely be of great help.

As a user, I feel that we are being taken into account, providing us with a resource that is fundamental for any human being. As always you can count on my support, let's continue to reap success and together we can continue to be the best community of all the blockchain hive and steemit.

See you later brothers, have a great week !

This is really a great development in the community and I must say I'm really happy about this great initiative.
Nice idea once again! @josevas217

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕♥️

The more I think about it, surely PH is the best thing that has happened to me in life, this initiative is great, it gives us more confidence and security, I think we are on the right track, really thank you very much.

Thank's a lot dear angel @crypto.piotr and @josevas217 @juanmolina @lanzjoseg God will reward you for this beautiful initiative

This is a great idea, I congratulate them because these ideas are born out of a desire to help and support people in need. PH is a community that is literally changing the lives of many people. "successes"

Hello friends, as always our pioneer project in great ideas. I think it is great to be able to help each other as the family that we are and each contribute a little, a grain of sand can be very large in a given situation. I hope we all always maintain an excellent state of health. But being cautious is not a bad thing.

Thanks to @crypto.piotr and all the other members. Best regards!

Greetings to everyone at @project-hope.

It is really impressive the human quality that exists within our community rightly led by our great friend @cryto.piotr.

What a great initiative, thanks to the friend @josevas217 for such a good idea, this shows the great quality of people who are, congratulations to the whole team.

 2 months ago 

This is perhaps the most important initiative to come up in Project Hope.

No other community in Steemit / Hive has a health fund for its members, or anything like that.

This fund will bring criticism of all kinds, since there will always be hateful people who will make nefarious comments accusing us of scammers or things like that.

The truth is that this emergency fund should serve as an example for other communities who should care a little more about the real conditions of their members.

Excellent, as I mentioned in my thank you post, hope is the path that is charted in this project and knowing that we collaborate in some way with that is encouraging. In our country and in many others the medical and medicine expenses are prohibitive, yesterday I was commenting with my wife who has her brother in law with coronavirus and each ampoule of antibiotics costs her 6 dollars and she has to take 28, which is discouraging for anyone in a country where the monthly salary is barely 1 dollar. Great initiative and perhaps the most important born in this project that makes it different from all on the platform.

Hi @josevas217 and @lanzjoseg
I liked this when it was shared. The first transfer of 384 Steem is a great beginning I would say.
thanks again.

This is a nice initiative I must say

Woah!!! This is a welcomed development. I would have been the first to benefit from this new initiative as I was sick some weeks back, hehehe.

Project Hope is simply the best community in the Crypto space.

Well done, @crypto.piotr, @josevas217 and @lanzjoseg and others providing support to this great community.

Wow , I am amazed 350+ steem that's is a nice start. I wish all the members a good health and stay fit. And I am very happy to be a part so such beautiful community. 😀

I like and am happy for this idea because health is wealth, with this it will make many steemit members more committed to project hope since they are sure that if anything happen in the future concerning there health that they can no longer finance or manage they have a place to run to for help. I will suggest that they should make a way in which people can donate willing to this project apart from setting there post 50% beneficiary. Keep the good work moving.

This is really a great initiative I must confess which is awesome. I confirm reading

Excellent that this great initiative is already underway, something that demonstrates the human quality of this great community, actions like this have great impact on the platform and certainly encourages users to be more active and committed to Project Hope. Thanks to friends @crypto.piotr and @josevas217 for materializing this proposal, may their initiative be returned in many blessings!

A great initiative that today we can see become a reality. Undoubtedly the creation of @ph-emergencyfund by the PH team, shows us that our leaders aim at the collective benefit of those who make life in this great community. I will not tire of saying it today the @project.hope community is one that cares about its users and seeks the best way for all of us to move forward. Once again thank you very much.

I must say, this is a very great move by the Project Hope management as a way of giving back to the community members. I believe this will ease up on the emergency medical needs of dedicated members (especially people from the not-so-rich countries) and will also encourage more people to be dedicated to Project Hope.
Nice one and big kudos buddies

This is a wonderful and timely initiative, it is a very human gesture, thank you for that

 2 months ago 

I would like to confirm:

In fact, it should be noted that the first large transfer to this account has already been made, a total of 384 Steem are already in the fund, as you can see in the image above.

Indeed, first 384 steem has been already deposited at this wallet.

I would like to thank @josevas217 for inspiring me and coming up with this idea.


Thanks for the mention and for the confidence. The idea is to continue helping in different ways.

384 steem is the good beginning and i was excited about this when i heard it from piotr. Thank you for start this initiative.

 2 months ago 

As always thanks to @crypto.piotr for new opportunities for everyone, I am very happy to be able to work on this new project alongside my good friend @josevas217, we will be there to help everyone we can, some conditions apply, it will be explained in a new one publication with more details. It should be noted that as this new service begins to be used, we will be better at fine-tuning its operation and how the financing system will be.

Another contribution from @project-hope hand in hand @ph-emergency fund

This type of actions demonstrate the enormous difference that exists between Project.HOPE and the rest of the communities, the emergence of @ph-emergencyfund is an act of great positive impact within the platform, without a doubt PH is the pioneer community in constantly creating strategies to support its members, in this opportunity in an element as delicate and priority as health, this solidarity action will not only transcend as a great initiative, but will become an example of the participatory strength that communities can reach.

Thanks to @crypto.piotr and friend @josevas217 for this extraordinary idea, also to friends @juanmolina, and @lanzjoseg for making possible that this kind of actions crystallize, that all your efforts in favor of collective benefits are repaid in blessings for each of you and infinite positive energies in your lives. Thank you, a thousand thanks.

Greetings friends, this is a great initiative of our community, which shows the concern for the benefit of all, thank you very much @crypto.piotr and @josevas217 for making it happen and all the team involved in it.

Woah, yet another great addition to Project Hope. We love you Project Hope, you guys are simply the best.

Congratulations!! @ ph-emergencyfund. It is a pioneering project in the blockchain.
I am very happy that he is already alive. # project.hope
and I hope other projects will follow suit.
Excellent person @ josevas217, to evaluate the cases.
I renew my congratulations

Felicitaciones!! @ph-emergencyfund. Es un proyecto pionero en la blockchain.
Me alegra enormemente que ya esté vivo. #project.hope
y espero que otros projectos sigan el ejemplo.
Excelente persona @josevas217, para evaluar los casos.
Renuevo mi felicitación