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«-End-to-End encryption-»

The Great Reset

According to the most recent events of 2021, a lot has been said lately about privacy, anonymity, censorship, human rights, freedom, ownership and a large etcetera of great attributes and values that many of us hope to keep, obtain or at least go now in search of, so that we can be able to inherit our children and the next generation with these in the not too distant future. After all, we are talking about human values here.

And here's the thing...

Today I am not going to write or talk much about the subject. So I will simply randomly choose a topic that, among many others, also abounds in the MSM environment in a viral way while I'm writing this post. One that you may not expect. And one that it is probably the most harmless of all of them to illustrate the matter.

¿Wussup folks? Let's just telegram a signal!

The Great Hack

Yeah, I decided to use the Instant Messaging issue so I won't have to talk more than necessary in written form. I suppose that on the other relevant topics, I have already written a lot and enough previously.

As per instance here in first place. In a somewhat more exhaustive form from the economic and financial point of view here. And lastly and most recently, in a somewhat more cryptic way here. All these old posts, prolly very tedious to read.

¿Am I Right?

The Social Dilemma

And that is really the reason why I have included in a sneaky way in this post, a much, much more extensive version of my speech in audiovisual form. You will only have to click on each of the attractive images above to have the opportunity to calmly and relaxed digest a little more than two hours of my captivating speech in its entirety without having to read a single letter more.

As for whatsapp, I just would want to add a couple more things. Yep, maybe in the next few days you will emigrate to Telegram or Signal thinking that you are going to safeguard the integrity of your anonymity and privacy.

And yeah, everyone is free to think and act as they please and see fit. But, I don't know why exactly I have the hunch that most of the WhatsApp defectors will return soon again with their tail between their legs to worship again such invasive application as soon as it is incorporated with the new Novi wallet and its token Diem in its next iteration of Instant... messaging.

After all, the vast majority of their friends, family and acquaintances will still be there waiting for them. ¿How could it be otherwise? Not everyone is a tech wizard and not everyone has anything to hide nor fear.

Oh! And if you haven't heard before about that new wallet and token that will incorporate WhatsApp sooner than later, then also click on the second text in green that you will find above. Yeh Yeh, the second word in green that claims to be more exhaustive from an economic and financial point of view.

Meanwhile, I will stay here with my regular program.

And if just in case you were left wanting to read more and you already got tired of doing nothing while watching the full documentaries. Then, you can always click on the first image that starts this post and have the chance to READ a helluva lot more that will quickly clarify everything you want to know about our bright future.

Yeah, this has been a pretty dense post.

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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Someone like Elon Musk mentioned Telegram or Signal and a bunch of people ran out and bought stock in a company with the same name and now that company is worth billions of dollars.

Yeah! I'm afraid the future of people is made of plentiful of buzzwords. };)

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