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RE: Important reminder: PROJECT HOPE against PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

in Project HOPE4 months ago (edited)

'Plagiarism? Copyright? Bah! in these days of ubiquitous and fast broadband access to internet by everyone, those obsolete concepts of 'intangible' digital ownership are just a stupid capitalistic mirage simply because money is involved. Otherwise, if money wasn't involved, I bet everyone and their pets rather would feel flattered and honored if (again), 'everyone and their pets' shares & spreads their 'original' crap everywhere around way beyond 'original authors' reach to gain more traction on their authorship and 'Pieces Of Art'.

Just my 2 cents about this tiresome subject. Yeah! obviously as a 'controversial' Food For Thought to ponder further into and drill deeper in your forehead asap.

Cheers!! :)

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