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I have a hunch that people really hate having to think. And even more so, when this happens at the beginning of the year. But I am almost convinced that the last straw that overflows their reluctance to think, basically happens when this invitation to think and reflect is induced by others and not on their own initiative.

I think the same thing also happens with the will and disposition of people to show publicly that something has amused them and has taken a great laugh from them.

As if they were afraid to expressly show publicly their smile or laughter and that, in fact, they evidently are the owners of a lovely and witty sense of humor.

Could it be that they are toothless?

Oh! yeah, I am well aware that it is not easy to show a smile or a laugh on the internet in all its splendor. Maybe not in the literal sense of the word. But come on! That's what emojis exist for. And even onomatopoeic words in written form as LoL, ROFL, LMAO, ROFLMAO, bwahaha, hahahaha, bahaha, ahaha and so on.

In more than four years that I've been wandering thru the "social networks" within the blockchain. I've never seen so many illiterate people ignoring everything about these sensuous & voluptuous onomatopoeic words of human contact.

I even remember that around August 2016 I created a chat channel in the pioneer and ancient website when no one was even using discord for realtime human interaction in our community.

The same chat website that some time later would become into and that curiously this latter you can find that it is still online. So, I wonder if you could guess what is the name of this chat channel that I created back then. And that it actually never showed that there were many people around here on these blockchains with a true and delightful sense of humor.

Yep, I just checked it and there are still both; the chat website and the channel that I created a lot of years ago. ¿Something to say about immutability?

Ha, ¡Wadda Hell! all this almost makes me want to turn this whole post into a challenge and contest and offer 10 Steem as a prize to the first one who tells me what is the name of the channel that I created, on what exact date I created it and what was the official topic that I wrote at the time to identify this funny chat channel.

Meanwhile, I'll just give you a hint to try to win those 10 Steem of the prize if through your comments we reach a consensus that I must turn this post into a formal contest.

  • First hint:
    Take a look at my usual sig below at the end of this post. There is the key to guess the name of the channel.

  • 2nd hint:
    Just click on the image below and receive a quick free workshop with a tutorial on how to use onomatopoeic written words that show fearlessly and shamelessly your great sense of humor.



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Well it looks like the consensus is unanimous. lol.

Oh yeah, over here this always tends to be this way. ¡UNANIMOUS! Hahahaha