Sometimes, one thing is what you plan to do and another is what your mood makes you to do.

in Project HOPE3 months ago

I had the intention of publishing a post today that I have been reserving for a long time for a better moment in which I could perceive that it would be better welcomed and appreciated.

But after giving a long walkthru along the Steem's Trending Page, The Hot Page, scrolling well down within The New Page and checking a bit the personal stats of my account on Steemworld. Uhm... looks like today is not precisely the best day to do it.

So, once seen what I've seen today and given that I'm probably still in the mood as to send a somewhat useful message to the entire Steem community tonight trying to make everyone think a bit about the current situation in this social network on the blockchain.

I'm afraid this animated video below is the best thing that I can come up with tonight for the purpose of generate a bit of meditation and reflection until tomorrow morning. Yeah! all this just in the remote case that I wake up in a better mood later.

«-God Testing A Software-»

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