SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT: please refrain from promoting Project.hope and bringing new members

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It's not news for anyone here, that prices of STEEM, HIVE, TRX as well as SBD and HBD has been doing great lately. And just as I expected - it stimulated more people to become active and posting again. Many more have joined our social media platform lately.

And it seems that Project.hope has been attracting more new members now than ever before. Which is sort of great. However, we manage limited resources (voting power) and this growth cannot continue at such a rapid speed.



It's crucial for all of us to acknowledge this issue and realize that part of the problem comes from within our community.

I've lately realized that many newcomers are somehow related to current PH members. Friends, colleagues from work, family members, or simply someone they got to know online and decided to bring to our community.

To make things worse, I've learned that on some Spanish-speaking WhatsApp group our community has been promoted as a place where everyone can get strong upvotes if they set up beneficiaries to ph-fund.


At this stage I would need to request from all of you, to AVOID PROMOTING our community as it is becoming increasingly more and more difficult for me to welcome and accept those new people into our team.



Our community already grew to quite a large size. So far we've been doing quite well and we've been able to manage our voting power. And with current price levels, all rewards are decent.

However, many delegators decided recently to cancel their delegations. Many of those who followed our curation trail powered down already. More and more people are cashing out part of their portfolio and trading some of their steem/hive tokens. And in a result, our voting power has decreased lately.

So as long as prices are high - things will be great. So we can support many new members as well with decent upvotes.

Unfortunately, sooner or later we will experience market correction and once we do - it will be time to verify which of those new members are actually active and engaging.
And reduce support to those non-engaging to a maximum of 1 post a week.

That will be obviously happening in the future. Let's focus on current solutions ...



Let me repeat:
I would need to ask everyone to avoid promoting PH community. Do not bring more of your friends and family members to our team, as I may not be able to support their content.



Please drop a short comment below, so I would be aware who already did read this publication. You may simply write "I confirm reading it".

I would also appreciate every resteem, since it would help me reach out community members much easier.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder



Greetings my friend, no doubt we are facing a scenario that much we were not able to foresee, in any case we came to think that the current price increase of Hive and Steem would bring great benefits to the community in general and apparently the scenario has been otherwise.

First of all, this scenario should serve as a learning experience, which will strengthen the PH core team, assuming the commitment that we must have in front of you as a leader and the rest of our colleagues, because in the long run the benefits are for everyone.

On the other hand, we must establish limits with clear objectives, for this we must answer the following question:

What are we looking for within PH?

Will it be a large community of uncommitted users, or rather we are looking for a select community that has users committed to the project and that their publications are constant over time, so as to generate constant and lasting income, where there is a balance between curators and content creators.

From my perspective, I believe that the option that favors us the most is the second one and that we should work according to it. Regarding the HOPE token, it is a fantastic idea, because as I see it, we can perceive the normal curatorships in the different HIVE/STEEMIT blockchain and at the same time we can establish credits in our own HOPE token, which will allow us to use them as payment for the commitments that you have already been driving over time.

Methodically, I do not know the principles and structures that you must follow to generate this type of tokens, as well as the support that it must have and that will serve as support to it, I suppose it will be an evaluation that you will have to follow. In advance, I am willing to collaborate in whatever is necessary. @madridbg.
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Thank you for that amazing feedback @madridbg

@crypto.piotr, there is really a simple solution for this. No one can consistently output top quality posts everyday or multiple times a day unless it is their full time job to do so (in which case they should be reported as such). Just select a few people to rank posts or select posts every week that get top curation. Others get lower curation. Now that creates other problems of subjectivity but if you do it right, that effect will cancel out. I honestly don't like the idea of not advertising the community or not letting people in because you really don't know who will be the next @crypto.piotr on the platform. Just my 2 cents and yes, I confirm reading this.

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Thank you for your comment @aiplusfinance

I honestly don't like the idea of not advertising the community or not letting people in

I truly understand your point of view.

I guess this is a good problem to have while the crypto party lasts :) I will reference the Mae West philosophy on crypto...

"It is better to be looked over than overlooked."

Hello friends. I confirm reading this.

Honestly, i have always thought that it is the duty of the core team to recruit writers into the community. Maybe because that's how I joined. However, I believe that if we consider the economy of the Project Hope community first of all, then we will understand why too many people can't be allowed to freely come on board.

It would have been a good idea if we are to allow people to freely join and make curation totally based on the quality of posts, but again, after setting a beneficiary percentage to ph-fund, a writer automatically has a sense of "right to an equivalent upvote value." Since this is what the economy is based on, we cannot allow a bottleneck situation that upvotes won't go round and people who are affected will have a sense of "breach of agreement."

I confirm reading this post.

Well, I think this is really what happens people see a great community with good potentials and protects. I just hope we start receiving great support from Steemit Inc team and other great whales to rectify the rejection of people joining our community.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ♥️💓💕💞

I confirm reading it
For us as a community it has always been quality over quantity.
It has been the hallmark of our community and hope this initiative would ensure that the quality creators are supported and they get a decent payout per post.

Thank you very much for coming up with the issue with clarification. I think otherwise the newcomers and the existing engaging members of this community could have been missguided. now it's clear to all of us that support is not always possible as people expect. and I am very much surprised to listen about the WhatsApp group for their promoting but in different way. let's grow together with some positive minded about the community. I confirm I read the post

Hi @project.hope
Certainly, there has been an exponential growth of users in the community, and that's fine, especially if we had the voting powers, but it's not the reality.
I confirm Reading it

According to your explanation, I really agree that "you need to ask everyone to avoid promoting PH community. They should not bring more of their friends and family members to our team, because it will be difficult for you to support their content". I support you all the way @project.hope. But I hope people who are powering down won't damage more things?
I will resteem this post too because I understand how urgent this is.

"I confirm reading it".

Just a suggestion you might want to require minimum numbers of words for the posts that you want to curate for example minimum of 200 words so that you can maintain the quality of this community and avoid spam posts. I agree we should educate new members as well that the quality of the article is very vital if they want their articles to be curated!

I confirm that I have read and understood what is expressed in this post. Regards

I have been looking at some of the new members and posts. I still think project hope is a great initiative but adding members at rapid pace will not only create problems you've mentioned but quality will also suffer. Anyway, post read. I don't post a lot myself but delegation support will always be there.

I agree with you @karamyog tho I am new to this we need quality content creators, I think it is better to recruit authors who they think that would bring value to the community for example check their page or posts like how sports scout does, anyway just my opinion

I agree with you @karamyog, Certainly the quality of publications is one of the elements that most affect us as a community.

Greetings @crypto.piotr

This situation is usually cyclical, indeed at high prices inactive users are attracted by the rewards, and after the correction they end up again by leaving their blogs inactive, I express it this way because I have already seen this behavior before, these inorganic styles are not healthy for the platform. In relation to the project (Project.HOPE) certainly the current prices help to maintain support for new users, so it is understandable that at low prices support can only be provided to those who do organic work in the community, let us hope that the situation stabilizes for the good of the community.

I confirm reading it

I confirm reading. This is a realistic approach to the community expansion. Your thoughtful consideration is appreciated, @crypto.piotr.

Readed and acknowledged
I confirm it

I confirm reading it.

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I confirm reading it.

I confirm reading it

I confirm reading it.

Hello friend, confirm your reading, I agree! Greetings!

I confirm reading it. Thanks for the post

I confirm readed it

I confirm reading it

I confirm reading it.

I confirm reading & understanding.

I confirm that I have read and understood what is expressed in this post. Regards

I confirm that I have read what is expressed in this post. And I agree with what has been said since it will be beneficial for the whole community. Greetings

I confirm reading it

Greetings @crypto.piotr, in advance I confirm the reading of the publication.

I would also like to express that it was a scenario that we should have foreseen in advance, since the prices in both chains are beneficial and attractive for many, the concern here lies in the quality and contributions of the publications that we are providing, since many of us write without taking into account these variables, which in the long run will end up subtracting in favor of PH's growth. Thanks for keeping us informed.

I confirm I have read the post. :)

OK friend. Got it, I already read the post.

I confirm to read it

I confirm reading it

Greetings my friend. I confirm that I have read the information

"I confirm reading it"

"I confirm reading it"

Confirmed. And, we may not experience that market correction. There will be a day when crypto cuts into FB, twitter and Instagram. More than this, crypto social will create new wealth. Maybe now is not the time. Maybe BTC will retrace to 30k. Maybe some other factors. So, I agree, it's prudent to settle down membership growth. Hopefully, this will inspire new solutions and resources from both within PH and aspiring members. Thanks.

I confirm reading it

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hi @suanky

Consider joining our PH community discord server:

Read and understood!

I confirm reading it!

I confirm I have read the post

I confirm reading this post thanks.

Hello, I confirm that I read the post.

Excellent week for everyone!

Hello @project.hope I have read and understood the guidelines to be followed within the community that you have raised here, count on my compliance with them...thank you and best regards!

"I confirm reading it".

"I confirm reading it". present @diego1306

I confirm reading it

I confirm reading it.

I confirm reading it.

I confirm reading it with full Understanding and I feel that since most of our curators has left, this strategy is the best.

All right, let's make PH grow on HIVE!

I confirm reading it

I confirmed reading it

I have confirm and read what has been explained here and I do really understood all that have been said
Thank you

Hello friend, it is incredible to see the growth of this project and of the community, for my part I will stop advertising the community until I have new instructions, it would be great if a new tag was opened with your community to help the project, there are many alternatives .

I resteem your post 👍👍

I confirm reading it

I confirm reading this

I, confirm reading it

I Confirm reading it

I confirm I have read this and understood

Read and agree with the proposals

Leido y confirmado. I confirm reading it. @project.hope

I'm with you! Definitely need to start writing again, but no time yet. Cheers!

Clearly understood and acknowledged.

A fisherman throwing fish into the water. First you send massive memos to promote and now you close the doors. Seeing you this busy makes me very happy because it means that you have been very successful, so much so that now you might be worried about how big your project has become. Who doesn't need hope in these times? Regarding the abusers you will always find them everywhere, especially when it comes to money, it is our duty to create mechanisms that allow us to protect ourselves from them without affecting those who genuinely seek to be part of what we do. My friend, you should not restrict the entry of people, you always read me and commented when I was active a couple of years ago and I appreciate you very much so I give you my humble advice:

  1. The problem you raise seems to be based on money, if the price went up, if the price will go down, the amount of SP handling the account and things like that. If that is the whole problem then it is simpler than it seems and not so serious as to scare away new members, because money is not everything, and nowhere do you make a promise to support all the content promoted in your community so you are not obliged to do so, plus you have no way to prevent them from coming.

  2. If this is a community then you are not alone, it is not as if they only need your economic support. People also seek to socialize, maybe one day you are absent and when you return you find the project at a level you never dreamed, this is because what moves the communities are its members, it is true that we must be organized but people can interact with each other without our intervention, leave the money as second priority and worry more because the members of the community learn to support each other.

  3. As for the economic support you should establish clear criteria and mechanisms that will free you from the burden, you can assign a group of people to attend to new users, a group dedicated to hunt abusers, a group dedicated to hunt talents.

If your community grows so does steemit and I am sure you will be taken into account by @steemcurator01 or someone important of steemit to notice the contributions of your community to provide more SP to your project.

But these are just my humble and sincere advices to you!
I hope your success will continue to multiply.

 last month 

Appreciate your kind comment @jesusjacr :)

Thank you Mr.

Confirmo leerlo.

I confirm and read it I hope I can join your community @muhammadrafi

I confirm reading it

"I confirm reading it"

I confirmed reading it

I confirm reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

I have read and agree with the above

I confirm reading it.

I confirm reading this.

But to my own opinion, I think the community should try and focus on only active members.
This will allow the community to mange it resources

I understand the limitations this might pose in terms of voting power. I confirm reading this.

I understand the limitations this might pose in terms of voting power. I confirm reading this.

I confirm to read it✌

@crypto.piotr I confirm and read it!

Absolutely, not promoting - article read! :)

I confirm reading it

I confirm reading it

I confirm reading

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Hello Piotr, there are indeed many new writers that I do not particularly know. I have brought some but they have been here with us for a long time.

I guess the recent surge in prices is probably why people are bringing in their friends and family, hopping that they can take out of the reward when they set 50% beneficiary but then I know it'll be difficult to curate everything since not all the post will be really quality enough. I guess the priority of project hope community will be rewarding quality contents. I agree and acknowledge that I have read this post.

leí esta información y estoy de acuerdo en no atraer más personas a PH ya que de esta manera podremos seguir recibiendo buenos votos en nuestras publicaciones...

I confirm reading this post.Thank you, I trust in the community and in you.

Greetings @crypto.piotr, first of all let me thank you for being part of this valuable community, certainly has become visible the increase of users in PH, as you indicate this situation as good as it may be is bringing some problems to be solved in the short term, in advance you can count on me in your proposal.

A hug friend.

I confirm reading it.

I confirm reading it!

The boom brings an influx, it's expected. Apart from recommendations, many others will join the community on their own. My personal suggestion is also to consider quality of articles as an additional criteria for weight of invite, this will not only shed off people who are just here for the money, it will also strengthen the reputation of the community.

I confirm reading this post.

I totally get the sentiments, and I'm probably guilty of this myself in the past.

Great, I have followed you, can you check out my work?