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I'm assuming that most of our members are already aware about the recent integration between STEEM and TRON. If you didn't hear about it, then please continue reading. Otherwise -> just jump to the part about "IMPORTANT DETAIL TO REMEMBER".

Only two days ago, @steemitblog made a huge announcement about integrating TRON and STEEEM blockchain and if you haven't read it yet, check this out click here.


I wanted to share a post about it right away, however, I decided that it may be best for this news to settle down. To let the initial excitement die down a little bit. And only then ask you all, dear PH members, about your view on that particular partnership?

I spoke with few of our PH community members already, and it seem that everyone is very optimistic about this partnership moving forward.

I remember that when Justin Sun "purchased" STEEM blockchain, initially many users on Steemit were afraid that it was going to be an end game for all of us. So many people shared their worries and concerns, expecting that this integration will take place sometime in the future -> and many of those people forsaw only dark scenarios.

I'm glad to learn that this current big event will actually bring even more value to communities build on Steem. A great step forward.



There is one detail, which is crutial to remember. A detail which will be important for all authors:

TRX rewards will be distributed in direct proportion to the amount of Steem Power earned, at the ratio of 1 TRX : 1 SP.
For every 1 SP earned, 1 TRX will also be awarded.
No TRX will be given for STEEM or SBD earned.

I must admit, that I like this idea to reward authors following "100% power up" policy with some extra TRX tokens. It seems that from now on it will be much more beneficial for all authors to set up a 100% power up and simply trigger power down whenever necessary (which takes only 4 weeks to fully complete).

Check price of SBD before you decide to post

It's worth to mention, that sometimes the price of SBD is way above 1usd. Recently, it reached 5$ and right now it's holding up above 3$. In that situation, it would be more profitable for authors to set up a 50/50 reward split.
It's worth to notice that one small exception.

TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration CHALLENGE


Currently @steemitblog posted another amazing challenge which I fully recommend to visit and resteem. Let's help them get some extra traffic and exposure.

Those Project.hope members who would decide to join this challenge are kindly requested to remember to set up small beneficiary to ph-fund :)


I would naturally appreciate every single resteem, which would help me reach out with this post to all our PH community members.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder

cc: (our PH community members):


This is a great news because many will found it interesting and will be willing to be part of the community.

Greetings, I think it is a very interesting integration, something that most of the users of steemit expected, we will continue to observe the evolution of this integration. Thanks for sharing information about it !

Right now a tiny amount of TRON as the redeem function is broken and can't do the first redemption. Also you need to not use a keychain extension when creating your TRON account.

 4 months ago 

do you still have any trouble with it @krischik?

it seem to be all working just fine for me

cheers, Piotr

The TRON has appeared in my wallet. Don't know about the keychain extensions.

Hi friends..!

I particularly think that all strategic alliances bring the best expectations, but I also think that the result of this initiative will be seen in a short time when the behavior of steemit users regarding the use they give to this new token is observed, Some will accumulate it like the SP but some others want to change it to a FIAT mode, and just yesterday they began to ask me what use could they give to TRX?

For this reason, I think that these two possible tendencies will play an important role in the coming months.

Personally, I like the idea of generating TRX together with the SP.

As a Tronix, I think it is a great idea to get more people curious about TRON blockchain. There are so many projects and dApps on TRON. Whether it is gambling, WINk, Betfury, Crypcade, gaming: TRONgamecentre, upcoming Nolelegends, Milk and others, Or Defi: JUST, Bankroll, Zethyr. So people who start earning TRX now they can familiarize themselves and either make the TRX worth more, or play or gamble them away.

 4 months ago 

hi @carapthian

Tron seem to have many dapps, however apparently community there is almost non-existent. That's what I've heard.

Is that true?

Hi @crypto.piotr,

No I would say this is not true. Tron has a lot of dApps and Tron has a relatively big community, but what you see (especially with Gambling dApps) that a big part of the community moves from one dApp to another. But if you look at dApps like or these are some of the few that have established themselves with consistent volume.

Wink even has move into Binance blockchain with a platform called Blink.

From decentralized finance point of view a lot of scams have happened, which has hurt a huge part of the community. and some Defi tiredness is there wrt Defi. Though JustLend which was recently launched has already surprassed 75 M USDT worth supply in the first day of launch.


Also Bankroll is already showing consistent volume for more than a year.

The first games launched have been relatively big dissapointments from volume but some very promising games are in the pipeline.

I am happy and sad at the same time about this. Happy that things are going great for Steem. And sad that Hive has to catch up.

Thank you for taking part in the TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration Challenge.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

Keep following @steemitblog for the latest updates.

The Steemit Team

 4 months ago 

You're doing great job so far @steemcurator01. Keep it up.

I will continue encouraging our PH community members to power up 100%.

Yours, Piotr

It's a great news dear @crypto.piotr. I have resteemed it.

Hi Piotr,
This is a great integration for sure I am very happy with this move.

  • I Love this additional reward of TRX token.
  • I have also setup 100% power up so that I earn more TRX and these TRX I am going to use for voting so that I also earn 8% pay on this.

Overall I am very happy with this and for sure this is going to make us earn more. Thanks for sharing this nice post. have a great weekend.
resteem done

The best good news ever I've heard since all this short time I became a Steemian. Steemit will grow more from now on. 👍😎 #venezuela #affable

I think that it’s a good news for Steemit and Trx too

Thank you for your work! 💞

Muy interesante e informativo, ya que aun hay muchos usuarios que desconocen el radio de pago 1sp:1trx, como también las ventajas de usar 50%-50% por el alto precio del sbd y lo positivo de de configurar 100% power up, haciendo crecer tu cuenta y generando mas trx.

Greetings, it is a very interesting initiative and without a doubt I think it will bring many benefits and surely an interesting rise to steem and tron.

I am very pleased to hear about these initiatives.

It is a great news I have been looking forward to hear about. This will bring a lot of value to the steem ecosystem

I will be posting my second entry in this community...
Glad to see @project.hope asking its members to take part in this challenge

Greetings dear friend @crypto.piotr.

Actually an extraordinary news the integration between steem and the TRON block chain, something that all of us who still make life in steemit were waiting for. I am sure that things will improve in a very short term because this integration brings without any doubt even more value to the communities that implement steem.

Thank you for sharing very important aspects related to the integration described above, now to continue adding effort between all so that this union makes us all grow.

Ok, I was not aware of this a tall. Atleast now that integration has happened so its better than earlier scenario where support of Tron for Steem was not visible.

So, I take it, price of Steem will rely on how things go with Tron as well?...

saya berharap komunitas steemit terus berkembang dengan bertambahnya teknologi yang terus diperbaharui

I think this is a great development and since I linked my Tron account, I have seen a trickle of TRX come in.

Thanks for sharing the competition post too, I will probably write something up for that too.

Hello friend, the truth an incredible news, it is something that benefits us all, for now I think it is worth taking advantage of the high price of the SBD in my case that is what I am doing later if I will be able to place my rewards 100%. Greetings!

I am happy to hear about this development, it is a great news to see the integration of Tron and Steemit together.
Just like you said in you post I feel many will be encourage to set their post in 100% SP

thanks for making this post, I was so busy that i forgot to post about this tron and steemit celebration challenge.
#pakistan #twopercent

You have prepared a nice article. I think TRXs given in exchange for Steem Power can have a good long-term effect on the price of the Steem.
It is not investment advice!

I am really surprised that SBD has increased this much. Shouldn't it normally be priced close to $ 1 all the time?

 4 months ago (edited)

Indeed @aderyn

SBD shall be at 1$. Im guessing there isn't much liquidity on the market and it's easy to manipulate price of SBD :/

ps. you seem to create interesting content. Do you use Discord? Perhaps you could consider joining our Project.hope community here:

I would gladly tell you more about our community. You can actually check it out here:

Yours, Piotr

Thank you @crypto.piotr

I joined Discord. It will be very good for me to talk to those in the community.

 4 months ago 

Check your DM on discord @aderyn

I am not sure what I am going to do with TRX but its nice to have extra rewards :)

 4 months ago 

give it to me @tomoyan :)

How much is the platinum ph membership ;p

 4 months ago 

you tell me. I wasnt aware that we have such a thing hahaha

Im super excited with this recent development on steemit integration with tron more wins to everyone!

My team is working on a bridge between my own cryptocurrency and Tron (in parallel we are working on similar bridge for Ethereum too)... Having an integration between Tron and Steem makes it a little easier to bridge my cryptocurrency with also Steem.

Our goal is to allow paying with any cryptocurrency or token on smart contract based games, not just the native cryptocurrency or token created by the game developer.

 4 months ago 

hi @mtl1979


Did you ever think about making a post about it? I owuld love to learn more about your team and what you guys are trying to achieve.

ps. I thought that I had your discord but somehow I cannot find you .... can you drom me a message?


I did a post on Hive few days ago... I still have you on Discord...

I did a post on
Hive few days ago... I still
Have you on Discord...

                 - mtl1979

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Well said ,on seeing SBD price on setting 100% power up for our post giving little bit confusion to others.. But after integration i hope at lest 3 post from their 10 posts they set 100% power up for extra rewards and remaining 3 for 50-50 ,i think this strategy work good.

Coming to me i set 100% power up because at present i dont need any money for my needs so i set 100% power up. When i need i power down and redeem those.

Nice post from you.

 4 months ago 

Thanks for dropping by @lavanyalakshman and for your ocmment

In this post I talked about how I think this combination is very good for the platform as a whole. It was a brilliant move that will encourage more people to power up and give them a new way to earn and learn about s different blockchain

 4 months ago 

thanks for sharing link with me @belemo

I will check it out right away

Some of my family account has a big flaw where it shows a giant number of TRX awaiting to be claimed, but it actually can't.

Some of the account, the limit orders disappeared(but they're still in the ledger, can still go to steemworld and delete order or recreate order)

As far as I know, steem keychain doesn't work for anything related to TRX.

How do I feel about it?

Numb. Expected. But I think it's a good time to introduce this to the world as well, considering now STEEM is running more maturely with the new management. It's not what we expect a force steem tron swap as "some people" previously mentioned, and feels like a complement to have a little bit of TRX in hand, and it still promote people to continue to POWER UP SP so they can continue to earn more TRX. I mean, why not?

In a nutshell, staking both Steem and TRON to earn from the inflation will be the last thing for me to do, but if the stake has a purpose, like stake for upvotes, create value, then why not.

 4 months ago 

Late BIG THANKS for this awesome comment @davidke20

Just had a pleasure to read it through

how can I be a part of this community

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