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RE: IT'S OFFICIAL! Our new partnership is starting TODAY. Let's see where will it take us ...

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Being a decentralization enthusiast, it is somewhat ironic to have to juggle with centralized and KYC-based platforms.
I love the idea of steemscan and I think it represents the soul of Blochchain technology. It is definitely useful for Small fish and whales alike.
I love the night mode feature which wasn't available with BLOCKTRADES.
Additionally, I'm fascinated with the ability to see the accurate price of steem against many other cryptos and fiat (USD, CAD, CNY ...etc).
However, I have some points I love to see them improved:
1)There is a bug with the fixed fees:
Yesterday, I visited steemscan and i tried to exchange some steem for TRX . The fee was 500 TRX !!
Today, I visited steemscan twice and to it showed me two different fees (2.4 vs 0.37 TRX)


Hopfully this issue will be treated soon

2)I hope to see more coins supported like Dogecoin since it is fast, has small transaction fees and it is wide spread between exchanges.

3)I also wish i could exchange steemdollar directly from steemscan

Finally, I'd like to thank the developer and PrjectHope for this initiative