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Greetings community today I come to participate in week 3 of the #steemcryptochallenge if you want to participate here I leave the link of the contest, thank you very much to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for promoting this contest, it is really important to know which are the best exchanges that use the steemians

Which is the best exchange in your view and why?

Binance, for the security and trust it offers, if a coin reaches Binance it is because that coin is worth something, Binance cares about its users and does not usually allow coins of dubious quality to reach its list.

What are the best features about this exchange?

I think that credibility is the strongest feature of this is Exchange, it is very safe and reliable in terms of security, it has not been a victim of dubious hacks or so-called convenient hacks, the most important thing is that it cares about users and does not leave that cryptocurrencies of dubious reputation enter, we know that new cryptocurrencies are born week by week, but that they do not have enough strength, so many opportunists want to enter large exchanges like Binance so that investors acquire this cryptocurrency that does not have strength in the market Well, Binance takes great care that this situation does not happen and only accepts coins with solid bases in the markets.

It is important to add that Binance has the lowest commission rates than other exchanges, which is extremely attractive.

It also has high volumes, something that you can verify at which gives immediacy to your transactions, if you use a low volume exchange you may have to wait days to complete your request.



Are there any features you think that the exchange needs to improve or add?

Of course we can always improve, in all aspects of life it is so clear that Binance has many things to improve, however it is quite competent like this, I would like an improvement at the level of navigation within the platform, an improvement that makes all the friendlier processes, a general improvement.

How long have you used this exchange, and how did you find out about it?

Well, about 2 months ago I needed to buy some tron ​​to be able to access a DeFi on the recommendation of some friends, I did it through Binance there I changed my steem for Tron and from there, I am in love with Binance.

How often do you use the exchange and what sorts of transactions do you do on it?

Every week I use it, I always change some crypto as a trading method and I change others for my personal expenses.


Has the exchange run any promotions or contests that you have taken part in?

The truth is no, I know that they have held several promotional contests but unfortunately I have not been part of any of them. I hope to participate in the next one.

Would you invite your friends to join the exchange? Why?

I always do, if I use something it is because I use the best product, I use binance because it has many advantages and I want my friends and family to enjoy those advantages, I have already recommended binance to several and have not received any complaints so far , everyone is very happy.

If you didn't use this exchange what would be your next choice?

I'm not really sure there are many exchanges that I could try, I would surely go back to coinbase that I have tried before, but for now my favorite is Binance, although we are always attentive to any new promotion on other exchanges.

Thank's for read

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Binance providing very secure trading at low fee.

Their p2p is aldo amazing,all most all country currency it accept.

I using in mobile,i dint feel any navigation issues here.

Can i know are you using in Browser or mobile my friend.

Nice post from you.

#twopercent #india #affable

This is my friend, many coins from many countries is a great attraction

Great to see, Nina credit card for payments and P2P seems very good transaction method coupling with other methods sounds great trading with Binance. Thanks for sharing with us.

It is very good and very useful, I highly recommend that card and these methods, thanks for read

Hello @ramsesuchiha
The favorite of many, no doubt. The amount of money that moves there is impressive.
And it's very easy to use.
It's reality.

Thanks for read friend, it is a great exchange with many benefits so it is the favorite of many.

good article, I suggest poloniex which is very good.

poloniex it's very good i also have an account there, thank's for read

Great information about binance however i am using binance as a alternative exchange. For daily trading binance is one of the best exchange because of volume . And for security reason i choose bittrex. But at the end, i never trust on any exchange. if planning to hold some steem i use steemit and for bitcoin, ledger wallet is the best. Great post !!!

I like your ability to not trust, I find it very great, I think that if you always distrust, you are always one step ahead, thank's for read

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