The cryptocurrencies are not easy money

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I just read an article by a Venezuelan brother named, Victor Moreno who invested in the Arbistar company and lost his life savings, the typical case of pyramid scam in which a new company offers you to multiply your money, with the excuse that This is the world of cryptocurrencies, that they understand it and that is why they always win, there is no bigger lie, now Mr. Victor must face the consequences of his ignorance.

Arbistar was a company with 120,000 users and its owner, the Spanish Santiago Fuentes, said that he was going to answer the users' money, he blamed the malfunction of a bot called comunitybot, so let's analyze this seriously.

This is the same old story they offer you easy money and people accept, the first question we should ask is that if there was a way to make easy money, they would do it and they would not need your money, there is the catch, there it is where people should understand, if it is true that many people have generated millions in profits thanks to cryptocurrency but today it is more difficult, those exaggerated profits occurred at the beginning of the crypto world and it is an advertisement that scammers have known exploit.



So that this situation does not repeat itself, all cryptocurrency enthusiasts must explain to friends and family that cryptocurrencies are not easy money, that there is a very serious market and like all markets there are risks and if a person or company promises a sure profit is because it is a scam.

Thank's for read

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Greetings friend, it is regrettable what happened with our Venezuelan fellow countryman, I agree with you there are no easy profits in cryptos and you should always invest in these businesses what you are willing to lose. But the friend, as far as I can see, has invested everything.

See you later, have a great week !

very sad friend, we must educate people so that this situation does not happen again, many think that cryptocurrencies are just easy gains and that is why they lose all their money.

This is a really sad story and even in my country it happens often that a lot of scam come up in form of crypto currency and before you know it people lose their funds and just believe that crypto currency is a scam, I try to create awareness in my own way.

I am glad that you believe conscience, it is true what you say later, people think that cryptocurrencies are scams and it is not so, scammers are people

A pity that your friend was scam I hope I managed to get his money back, or answer for Him. I have a golden rule: "if it is too good to be true then it is not true ".

In the world of cryptos you have to be very careful and don't be fooled, at least not so easily.

Thanks for reporting this new scam.

I love your golden rule I will implement it too, thanks for reading dear buddy

It is unfortunate that so many people get into crypto currency expecting fast money and that is one reason why it is easy for them to get scammed, it takes serious work to make money in the crypto world.

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