Mask is the New Normal/Business

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Hello and namaste Everyone

I hope that you guys are doing good and staying safe.
These days few things have become our part of Life and mask is one of it. It's advised by the health authorities and the government to wear a mask all the time while going outside.



Mask is not a new thing that we have started using in fact when air pollution is there most of the people prefer to wear a mask so that they get clean and it's also good for the health point of view. But in this year of 2020 because of the covid-19 pandemic, it has become mandatory for each and every one. It's required for everyone including children, adults, or senior citizens and in India, if it is not applied on the face while going outside then there is a penalty as well.



Many things have changed in this time of covid-19 find me and mask has also become a new business. Now I can see ee all these departmental and general stores have started selling mast and even it can be found in any shop malls be it big or small. When we are struggling for employment because of the layover of jobs and the downside of the business, this new segment of marks has given another opportunity for many to earn life survival.



In India, I have seen many shops who was selling handmade mask because it's not cost effective but good alternative for the branded masks. as far as I know then N95 mask is the high-quality mask is good for the safety purpose but it's quite expensive and in India, it cost about 6-7$ which is quite a high price.
Not everyone can afford to have multiple masks that cost this much of high prize so it opens a door of opportunity for the ones who can provide masks at reasonable prices and that too to offering good quality fabric that is good for health as well.


Even I can see more creativity happening on the mass side it's good because when things are in high demand usually it gets creative side as well and I don't think there is anything wrong because it's up to you what type of mask you want to have to depend upon your pocket and how much money you want to spend on it because we will need it for at least some more time in 2021 as well.

Thank you so much

Stay Safe
Namaste from India



Hello friend, the truth is that many people have taken advantage and benefited from this situation, many were left without jobs and it is up to them to do whatever they can to survive, as long as it is within the law. Not always the most expensive is the best, there are other ways to take care of ourselves, many people do not have how to buy an expensive mask but know what are the measures that must be followed in the street. That's a plus.

Thank you so much my friend @franyeligonzalez

Good article, one of the most remarkable things about this is the boost to local economies that emerged and is giving life to a global economy.

Glad that you liked it. Thank you so much

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