🔥 250$/month in passive income streams!

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Today I am really happy! It is the first time that I was able to reach 250$ of passive income from just cryptocurrency!
For some people this amount will not be something to be proud of, but that's not my case. I am extremely proud that I put myself in a position to generate regular income outside of my job.

For the majority of the 2020 I was ranging between the 150-200$ mark, and this month has been really good for me.

For my calculations I am considering the earnings from blogging and 1 of my Liquidity Pools.
By far, the platforms where I am earning the most are HIVE and Leofinance, however I am working on my publish0x account because I like their revenue model. I am also posting in Steem.


The liquidity pool where I feel more comfortable is the Ethereum-DAI, which pays the rewards in the UNI (Uniswap token). I am really bullish on DEXes and specially on Uniswap.

I am not selling a penny, all of this is reinvested!

The most important part of my journey is that I am here for the long term. My goal is to build a solid position where I can be able to earn regularly through blogging, staking or providing liquidity. This April I started documenting this journey and I am confident that I can grow this in the future.

Next Goal

My goal always have been to earn 500$ a month which will virtually pay for my rent.
I think that this goal is reachable and is encouraging enough to keep me fighting.

The prices of all of the cryptocurrencies I am HODLing decreased in the past months, specially HIVE. If the prices double, which is something that could happen at any time, I would be at my goal. However I will keep building my stack to lower the average price.

LEO Miners have been the winners of this month

The decision of buying 4,000 LEO miners have been really profitable. If the prices remain the same the next month I will be able to earn 300$! 50$ more than this month!

I will keep you updated!

Enjoy! 😊

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Congratulations on your achievement friend, it is very good to aim for more and I like the goal you have set for yourself I wish you all the best.

Thank you very much for your kind words!

I really think I should consider PublishOx also, I have been procrastinating on that method of blogging for some time now, congratulations on your journey.

I am also writing there!
Here is my profile!


Hello friend, I congratulate you for having achieved your goals, keep focused and you will surely get better benefits. Keep up the successes, happy weekend !

That's truly incredible congratulations! I hope to someday reach that level as well!

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