🔥 Being a HODLer is not easy!

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I have been thinking about all my crypto HODLings lately. I am quite confident that I have selected good projects that have good ods for succeding in the future.

The most difficult part of being a HODLer is dealing with such an amazing quantity of inputs that are suggesting you to buy the new gem, or an stablished project. Twitter is full of this messages, and I spend some time daily reading crypto news.

There are hundreds of crypto experts that are suggesting you the best TA tips and willing to give you trading advice. I found this picture and I can relate I am feeling the same of the HODL advisor.


If I had the option to choose between this 2 guys, I will be asking the HODL advisor How to deal with all this excess of information while being confident HODLing.

Sometimes it is hard to HODL, specially when the market is moving almost sideaways for some days. Specially if you see a bunch of tokens raising in prices while the ones you have are moving in the opposite direction.

And this 3 years HODLing have been a blessing in terms of learning. I've been able to test my emotions as a trader several times. Things got really bad this last crypto winter.

I've concluded that sometimes the best decision is just HODL and the returns will eventually come. Trust me, I've you have selected good projects, the results will come sooner or later.

Enjoy! 😊

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It is good to sell and make a nice profit as well out of it.

You are right frienf it is really difficult to hold especially when needs keep pilling up on our door step and we know that we have options to just pull out our funds and go for them.

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