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I was reading twitter and I saw a picture that made me feel like an idiot. It was posted by @TheDaoMaker and is about the Uniswap token. As some of you know I sold my 400 UNI at 3$ yesterday for 1,200$. I was more than happy yesterday with all this FREE money.

Well, today I understood that I acted like a noob. I sold all my bags and the price of UNI went to more than 8$. And who knows how high this will go in the future. It is more than 3,200$ for FREE.

This is the picture:


I think I am the guy with glasses...

Here the good part of the story

I sold my UNI at a "low" prices, yes. But I moved the money back to Uniswap. I locked it in a Liquidity Pool with some Eth that I already HODL and now I am receiving new UNI tokens daily.
It approximately gives me 1 UNI everyday. It will take a long time until I recover all the 400 UNI that I sold, but at least I am generating a new source of income.

If the price of UNI stays at 6-7$ and the rate of UNI doesn't change much I will be earning 200$ a month just for HODLING.

I love this!

Enjoy! 😊

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Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊 May so much abundance come your way that you laugh at this “mistake”

Thank you very much! 😊

Waoo @resiliencia
That's a good move you've made, knowing if a chip is going to go up or down is complicated, within everything, you've made a good investment, a passive income, and well, besides. 200 dollars is a good amount.
Congratulations for that move.
It will take time to get the 400 back, but it's being generated daily.

It will take a lot of time but I am patient and this time I will not sell! 😉

In this post, we have the syndrome of fear of missing out! You can't know if the token will always go up or down.

I understand your pain but I am glad you made the right decision to get patience and start investing again.

Good article, is something common in the world of currencies, the good thing is that you get a good return on your investment.

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