How to make COVID 19 saturated

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Hi All Lovely Steemians
Life in times of pandemic still has to go on. We must not give up on the situation. We know that we have been trapped by COVID 19 for more than one year. It's time for us to keep moving and creating a rhythm of life so that everything can go on.
It is still fresh in our minds how there is fear that can be excessive or exaggerated when the number of victims who died began.
Various activities are severely restricted, public services are hampered, production stops and economic activities are stuck or choked up. This is a serious blow to both individuals and institutions.
for months we are conditioned to be passive and only stay at home, quarantine or hospital with conditions that are certainly very tedious.
So we are entangled in circumstances that we feel very saturated. Why not. We are forced to use various regulation which keeps us in the bars of COVID 19. every day we only listen to, read news about the increasing number of victims of COVID 19. This makes us even more pessimistic.

Make Covid 19 saturated

If in the past we were bored with COVID 19, now is the time for us to return. We must saturate COVID 19 with us. We must continue to be active as usual and not be haunted by COVID 19. Those who work in offices keep working. those who trade in the market still have to trade. Don't be afraid. We must continue to roll the wheels of the economy so that it doesn't collapse. families need fulfillment of needs and tips must continue to strive.
For that we must continue to work while still paying attention to various aspects to prevent the transmission of COVID.
The use of masks, washing hands with running water and soap, keeping your distance, and keeping all health protocols of concern will certainly be the keys in running a business during a pandemic period.
I am sure that if we continue to pay attention to these things, of course we will be able to carry out activities without being haunted by excessive fear of COVID 19.
Of course this must be supported by all elements of society. Experts also continue to carry out research so that they can get the right drugs and vaccines. Thus, COVID 19 will become a minor illness like only flu and colds.
The increasing number of COVID 19 sufferers who recover, the decrease in the number of positive cases, give us the opportunity to win the fight against COVID 19.
However, all of that was still not over. We still have to maintain a new pattern of life while keeping the infection from continuing.
For those who are in the tropics, it is certainly more helped by the high intensity of sunlight, making it easier for us to get endurance. sunbathing every morning will strengthen the body. Luckily again, who works in the fields as a farmer. They get immunity that is far greater than workers in offices with air-conditioned rooms.
Healthy eating and clean living habits are additions that must continue to be done to saturate COVID 19 with us.

That all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading and enjoy my post.


for months we are conditioned to be passive

Can't agree. So many people lost the means to earn for living. This doesn't make you passive, this makes you be more active than you ever were to adopt to new conditions.

In our country it need adapt with this situation. many worker lost their job, and then w need to get up and make ourselves creative.
Thank you for commenting