Now Crypto is Like a volcano gathering masses -My opinion to response @crypto.piotr

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Hello dear all my lovely friends!
As a member of the PH community who is still studying, I am always interested in various information about crypto. Since I joined this blockchain I feel like I want to add more knowledge. Of course while continuing to hope to be able to enjoy the increasing value of the crypto that I follow. I am so glad to read @crypto.piotr which explain about crypto and if you want read please check this post

Tracing the crypto journey that I know has experienced a bull run in the past few years and then dropped sharply, we need to be patient to get back to the bull run. Today we see a lot of cryptos that are still lying down and not yet back in their heyday. These very dynamic fluctuations make many of us feel incredulous. There is some skepticism that caution is made when investing in crypto. They may be afraid that they will lose.

Like a volcano gathering masses

In my view, this dynamic fluctuation of crypto values ​​is an aspect of the crypto journey that must be undertaken. I saw it like a volcano that had just erupted. The magma content in the magma chamber was reduced because it was drained by the eruption. At that time bitcoin reached its peak and was followed by various altcoins. Altcoin owners have enjoyed all that, of course, activists on this platform. High value makes the activity of all accounts seem so fast. Likewise, the growth of new accounts.

But unfortunately, once the value drops to the lowest value, many accounts are inactive and even feel useless if you have to stay on a platform that once gave pleasure.

Still in my opinion, altcoin or crypto in general still has to wait for time to mature again and reach the culmination point so that the bull run. All we are doing right now is maintaining consistency and staying active so that we can while waiting for the right time to hit the bull run.

As the saying goes, waiting is boring, but time can be killed. For those of me who don't have the capital to take the opportunity to buy altcoins when the value is low, then I just try to collect rewards from each post. I hope the value of this small coin will increase and the more you collect.

I remain optimistic that we will be able to return to the point where crypto has a bull run. and need patience. Patience is not just silently accepting what it is. we still have to maintain the intensity and consistency of managing the account so that we will suddenly approach the right moment. I believe we will arrive at victory. It could be said that all will come at a good time.
That all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


Hello @rokhani, it is important to keep learning

I just try to collect rewards from each post. I hope the value of this small coin will increase and the more you collect.

You are not the only one in this boat, most of us try to gather the little we can to build some savings and investment habits.

Thank you for stopping by and support.

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Dear @rokhani

Thank you for taking the time to write this publication and for sharing link with me. I trully apreciate it.

ps. try to add some "enter" more often within your publications. It's difficult to read long blocks of text and you may end up losing part of your audience.

Stay safe and have a great weekend,
Yours, Piotr

You are welcome @crypto.piotr. And thanks again for your suggest. I will pay attention next post.

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