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RE: #ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

in Project HOPE11 months ago

I loved reading the hope project, those images are spectacular and the pet happy a beauty, I fell in love with the pet. Project HOPE @lanzjoseg. Nano is my team mascot. They are clearly a spectacular team

@crypto.piotr, @project.hope, @cyberspacegod, @achim03, @lanzjoseg, @fucho80, @neavvy, @juanmolina, @jadams2k18, @machnbirdsparo, @honarparvar, @guruvaj, @alokkumar121, @edgarare1, @flash07, @djennyfloro, @gandhibaba, @reverseacid, @yonnathang, @mariusfebruary.

Me ha encantado leer el proyecto hope, esas imagenes son espectaculares y la mascota happy una hermosura, me enamore de la mascota. Nano es mi mascota. Son un espectacular equipo.