Being Receptive To Challenges

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Your ultimate worth is not a function of your disposition when things are going well or when everything is at your convenience but it is primarily measured when challenges come and your response to the challenges. In life, challenges are not "if or maybe". Obviously they will come. This is the reason you should not run away or try to dodge challenges but run towards them.

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A friend of mine once said that "expecting a life without challenges is to live in delusion". Most of the successes that people have and some of the mind-blowing inventions we have today were borne out of challenges and the desperate desire to initiate a change.

Take for example, there would not have been any need for airplane if there was no challenge in the traditional means of transport. There would also be no need for digitalization if there was no flaw in the traditional analogy systems. You see, challenges and even problems can be instrumental to newer and better initiative. In a perfectly flawless environment, people may become sedentary and go into hibernation because there will be no problem to solve.

Making impact in life can be summed up in one phrase; "solving problems". Your relevance in life is only loudest at the presence of challenges. Great people are always receptive to challenges because they recognize it as their opportunity to unleash their true potentials.

I remember a particular Mission Combat Video Game I played way back as a young boy, where a mission would be set for the gamer to achieve in a timeframe. The only way you would know if you are progressing towards the mission is if you start to encounter strong challenges, but going for long without any challenge will only tell you one thing: you are probably on the wrong route. The challenges and opposition will be least when there is nothing at stake.

Only kids will wish for challenges not to come because they are not equipped to take on the challenges but mature people wait for challenges to come. Maturity goes way beyond age into your preparedness to take on challenges and oppositions. The challenge you dodge may be the very one that has your breakthrough in it.

More often than not, when opportunity comes the way of people, it does not appear as opportunity but it is normally masked in unappealing containers (challenges, opposition, etc), it take a high level of maturity to be able to decipher the opportunities in challenges and take advantage of them.

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The hard truth is; the opportunity you miss may not wait for you and may not present itself again to you in the same way because many other people are already on the queue to cash into the opportunity. This is why you have to be prepared at all times and not just getting ready when opportunities come. In life, it is far better to live ready than just getting ready each time.

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Peace on y'all


Hello friend, a great publication, I believe that the unimportant challenges in our life, they will always drive us to achieve great things and to fight to be better. Thank you for sharing.

Exactly. Challenges have ways of driving us towards unleashing the hidden creativity in us and becoming better.
Thanks for the comment friend

Very good analysis, a psychologist friend once told me: challenges give meaning to life, they are the engine that drives us to self-improvement. I liked the analogy with video games, greetings friend.

Challenges give meaning to life

Wow! I love these words. Without challenges, there would be nothing to test our inner strength.

Thanks for the nice comment buddy

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