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People only make impact by the problems that they help to solve and not by the problems they create. The more you provide solutions to problems of people and of the world, the more your value increases and you become more relevant. In this era, you will agree with me that it is only the people that will add positively that are being sought for.

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The people that are celebrated now, even inventors, are people that were able to identify the problems bugging the world (or at least a particular sector of the world) and moved to create solution for the problem. The easiest way to be successful is to be a solution provider. I usually tell people this and I will like to repeat it again:

Instead of pursuing after money, try to pursue after providing solutions and money will pursue after you.

Looking at the above quote, you will understand one thing from it; money, same with other achievements, is a by-product of solving problems. If you do not solve problems, then your relevance may soon dwindle. Do not just live as if you are in a perfect world, always seek for solutions to provide.

In your place of work for example, if you are an employer and you need to lay off one staff out of two in a particular department. If one of the staff always provides solutions to keep the organization moving forward and the other one just has certificates but lives a sedentary lifestyle, who will you retain? Obviously the person that creates solutions and adds value.

As long as life remains, the world's problems will not cease, it is only left for you to identify the particular problem you can and then work towards providing the solution to it. When the Wright brothers (Orville and Wilbur) saw the problems in long-distance transportation, they thought of a possible solution and they created a flying machine and that was how airplanes came to be.

I read a story about how the stethoscope was invented. The inventor, who was also a doctor at that time, got tired of always placing his ears directly onto the chest of his patients as a way of listening to their heartbeats - that was how he thought of the possible solution and stethoscope was invented. The summary of all these is; your relevance begins primarily when you become a solution provider.

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The world is already too busy that you need to create the attention you want, instead of just seeking for attention. One way to achieve that is to give the world what they need and that is to give solutions to their problems.

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Peace on y'all


Greetings, very good article for your opinion, it is well focused, from several point of view, I like that philosophy where it should attack that part of the weakness of attacking the problem with an immediate response that satisfies that need, and away from a porco of the interested or the common interest, for the achievement of success.

It's an honour to read your comment. Thanks a lot buddy @newton666

You are right. One thing I have determined in my life is to be a solution provider and not a problem causer

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Hello @samminator
I think this is an important point, to create solutions and not problems.
Of course, in this case you have to be very consistent and sharp in the vision of looking for solutions, because without a doubt there are always situations that need to be solved, but in spite of that, not everyone has that vision.

Hello friend, you are right, it is better to look for solutions than to fill us with problems. In the end nothing in life is totally easy, we will always have to make sacrifices. Greetings!

When people pray for fame I am quick to remind them that there are two sides to getting famous,those whose fame is lasting and meaningful are those who made positive impact who solved a problem.