Happiness As A Choice

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If you are waiting for a perfect condition to be happy, then you will wait for long. At any point, you should create the environment for yourself to be happy. Your happiness is exclusively in your hands and not in anyone's hands. Things may be moving according to how you have planned but you can still choose to be happy knowing that it could have been worse but it didn't.

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Each time life gives you a reason to be sad, reply by showing it many reasons to be happy. If not for anything you have gotten but for the gift of life. Even in the face of massive losses, once life has not been lost, there are still hopes of restoration. Being happy does not deny the fact of the prevailing situation but it only focuses on the brighter side of life and hoping for the best.

No one has ever gained much by being sad but there is much gain in staying happy and joyful. It will be very unwise to do what you know has never brought others gains and expect to have gains. If there is no gain in sadness, then you have to learn to live above it. No doubt, offences will arise even from places you least expect. You may not be able to stop that but you have the power not to allow it to compromise your happiness.

The truth is, happiness, as much as sadness, is a choice which everyone is given the freewill to decide but you cannot decide the results they bring. Even in your relationship with others, when you approach people with joyful disposition, you tend to become more welcomed.

Staying with happy and joyful people will bring out the joy in you. In the same way, staying with sad and moody people will corrupt your happiness. Both happiness and sadness can be "contagious" by staying with happy and sad people respectively, so choose who you bring close to yourself. You do not expect life to be fair before you become happy. Be happy with the place you are at the moment.

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If you know the amount of people that would give an eye just to be in your current position, you will discover that it is something worth being happy for. You may not have footwear to put on and you are felling sad. Well, just to remind you, someone else does not have limbs to wear any footwear. If you can only think deeply with understanding, you will see at least one particular thing that will ignite your happiness.

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Peace on y'all


I tell you, life troubles will always be available irrespective of what we do and there will never be a perfect situation to be happy it is a deliberate decision to be happy all the time.

That's the point. Our happiness should not be tied to situations but it should be a conscious choice we have to make.
Thanks for dropping by buddy

good article, happiness is a way to be grateful to the creator, being sad is only of benefit to the artists who use it as an inspiration.

Such an inspiring comment. I love this line:

Happiness is a way to be grateful to the creator

Thanks a lot for this buddy

No one has it enough in life, if we continue to tie the troubles and intentions of this world to our chest then we will never make any impactful progress.

Hello friend, a nice publication, I agree, any time is good to be happy, besides our happiness is our responsibility and nobody else's. Many wait to fulfill their goals and objectives to be happy but do not realize that life passes in the blink of an eye. So we must take advantage of those moments where we can give our all and make our life the best it can be. Greetings!

Every day I choose happiness over every other thing and that is not because I do not have reasons to get worried but I have made a decision to always trust in the fact that everything will work out well.

Happiness will forever remian a choice in life, no one has the will power to control our decisions to become happy except of course we let them.

No matter how much money someone has it will never be able to buy happiness since life's problem remains a constant factor that cannot be solved by cash, the decision to be happy is a personal and deliberate decision.

Greetings @samminator, extraordinary topic that you share with us in this opportunity, in many occasions we forget that happiness can be put in practice in any moment of our lives, since as you express to wait a perfect condition to begin to be happy is very difficult, so let's try to be happy at any moment of our existence, thanks friend for your excellent topics. Successes.

"The truth is, happiness, as much as sadness, is a choice"

Well said @samminator well said.

The problems are always going to be latent but we cannot let them invade us, we also have to try to be happy and put aside the problems, happiness should not be linked to our problems. Greetings thank you for sharing such important information

Just like the world is loaded with alot of troubles so also the world is loaded with alot of happiness. The choice is in our hands to choose which side we tend toward.

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