Knowing Your Abilities And Inabilities

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Listening to some motivational speakers will just psych you up and make you feel invincible and limitless. Well, just to remind you, the best motivation is not just telling you "you can do this", but showing you how it is done and how you can do it. After believing a motivational speaker that you can do anything and everything, then what next?

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The truth is, you are not invincible, you are not omnipotent, you are not without finiteness and limitations. The knowledge of this will help you to channel your energy (both physical energy and mental energy) rightly. Life will have more meaning when you know about your abilities and inabilities because it will make you to keep focus.

Imagine a life where everyone is immortal, for example, people can afford to while away and waste as much time as they want because they will still have endless time to take re-steps. Well, that kind of life will be almost tiring and boring. But when you know that times and seasons are limited, you will manage time properly and always give your best shots at things.

Any school of thought that makes you believe you have absolute and infinite abilities is just psyching you up and may also predispose you to undue strain and stress. Imagine motivating a fish to fly or a bird to swim and breathe under water. Obviously, it would be "mission impossible". This same thing happens when you tend to believe that you can do all things.

You have to identify your abilities and your strong points and then consolidate and build more on them. The world does not need you to be an "all-rounder", you can choose a particular field and gain mastery in that field. This is also the reason in a football team, the goalkeeper focuses on his duty and the strikers do their own duty. When the goalkeeper tries to take the position of the strikers or the midfielders, the team will be in disarray. In the same way, when you leave the area where you have stronger points and starts to drift around into other fields, you may lose relevance.

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Your relevance is not a function of the quantity of activities you perform per time but how well you have performed the activities. This is why quality will always be preferred any day and anytime over quantity. You do not need to have infinite abilities to make impact, just try to put in extra efforts into the ordinary and you will produce some extraordinary results.

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Peace on y'all


Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently

I really agree with you, our ability is limited and it is only sane for us to focus on the things we are really good at instead of trying to become jack of all trade.

Exactly buddy. This will keep us focus and help us to consolidate more and build on our strengths.
Many thanks buddy

This topic you raise is a very good one, recognizing that we are beings with limitations obviously allows us to see ourselves differently, to recognize that the time we have has its point in which it will culminate.

I loved the shared content, it's not a question of quantity but quality, being aware of the details can allow you to make a difference without having to displace others.

Very motivating your article, I congratulate you later, success! 🤝

Learning to focus on the areas of our strength will help us become even more productive rather than trying to do everything at the same time.

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