Right On Track: The Need For Precision

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Sometimes ago, I watched a racing competition. At the end of the competition, a particular contestant braced the finish line first. Everyone would have thought that the prize would be given to him but when the replay of the race was viewed, it was discovered that he stepped out of his own track a bit and this led to his disqualification. He lost the title because of precision error. There is a point in life where speed will not matter most but the "how".

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In an examination hall for example, that a student finished before every other student does not mean the student will become the best student. The examiner will not mark speed but the details of what the student wrote in their answer sheet. For everything you want to achieve in life, there is always a certain principle you need to observe and deviating from the principle may make a mess of the proposed achievement.

If you are traveling to a place, no matter the speed you are driving at, if you are not faced towards the right direction, you will not get to the destination but further away from it. At this point, the only solution is to halt and make a turn and follow the right path - that is why the need for precision cannot be overemphasized.

If a student has an exam to write, it is demanded that they should read and prepare for it right? However, there is still need for the student to use the right material to study. Imagine a student using a physics notebook to prepare for a philosophy exam. Obviously the student has lost precision and the end-result may not be good.

There is always a "how to" that should be followed in everything you want to do. Not following the "how to" may lead to struggles. I once experienced this: I was given a bunch of keys to open a door but in that bunch, many similar keys were there. "Well, that the keys looked alike does not mean it will open the door". So I had to try and try till I tried the precise key for the door and it opened. This same thing occurs (maybe in dissimilar ways) in other aspects of our lives.

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Speed and accuracy should walk together for maximum result to be achieved. An approach may look like a long-cut but at the end, it will be better than the shortcut that will not stand the test of time. Doing something the right way is always the best way to get something done. It does not end at someone just doing what they feel is right but there is a need for the person to do that particular thing the right way.

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Peace on y'all


In life it is very common to find people running fast towards a certain winning point without minding how they will get there, the methods really does matter when true success is to be measured.

That's the truth buddy. It is the method that determines the success, so we should be more focused on the methods.

Thanks for coming around buddy

I like that speed and accuracy....
Definitely a balance especially when discussing efficiency and long-term outcomes.

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