The "Don'ts" Of Relationships. [Second Part]

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Hi buddies, we will continue in our exposition of what to do and not to do in order to maintain a healthy relationship. We already took the starting part a few days ago. Trust me, in most cases, it is not something very big that wrecks havoc in relationships but things we tend to overlook as "it does not matter". Note this: the success of any relationship does not rest on the shoulders of just one person but the two parties involved.

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1. Expectation of perfection

This has been one of the banes of relationship. First of all, it is worthy to note that your are not perfect yourself, so why are you expecting someone else to meet your expectations of perfection? In the event where they show their faults, you will become disappointed and that may be the start of problems. Relationship and love is not about perfection but by knowing about someone's flaws and still chooses to stay with them.

As humans and as mortals, even though we are striving towards perfection, we are not perfect yet. No one is. So placing an unrealistic and extremely high expectation on your partner will only lead you to become disappointed and your expectations will be dashed.

One thing with having high expectations is, it will appear like you are imposing your wish on your partner and may even appear like you are trying to control them or trying to tailor their actions to your taste. You know what happens when they feel this way? They will do what any other adult would do: they will walk away. It is as simple as that. So keep every high expectations at bay in order to save your relationship. You can only motivate your partner to strive towards perfection but you may not be able to impose your 100% wish on them, so be guided.

2. Not respecting choices and preferences

As our faces and backgrounds are different, so also are our preferences and choices different. Choices and preferences cover a wide area like music genre, dressing, cuisines, morality etc. This is where communication comes into play. You do not expect your partner to assume to know your preferences if you have not communicated it to to them. Also try to respects their choices. But much more than that, both parties involved should also try to be flexible with their choices to accommodate each other.

After all, it is meant to be a journey of dual responsibility.

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Everything should not always have to revolve around your own preference. The fun of it is when it is distributed. For example, if you choose the place for dinner, you may allow your partner to have the choice of cuisine. The truth is, relationship and even life itself is very simple and not as complex as people think, only if they will understand it well.

Thanks for reading

Peace on y'all


the exercise of tolerance is very important to advance and creates a pleasant and favorable environment.

Yeah, you're right buddy. Tolerance should come in handy in order to move the relationship forward.
Thanks for coming around buddy

Thank you for sharing these thoughtful guidelines, intresting publications

I'm really glad you enjoyed them. Thanks a lot buddy @rishabh99946

A strong factor that kills several relationships is because we keep expecting too much from the other party which is terribly wrong and kills the relationship faster than we expect.

Exactly buddy. Having unrealistic and exceedingly high expectations will only lead to disappointment.
Thanks for coming around buddy

Greetings friend @samminator, a great article that you share with us on this occasion the same related to the things we should not do in a relationship in its second part, this issue is very important because sometimes we miss many things because we let our relationships become routine and with little communication, you share two important aspects in relationships as it is the expectation of perfection and no respect for the choices or preference.

Thank you for your excellent reflections. Successes.

I'm really honoured by your nice words buddy @rbalzan79. Many thanks for coming around and for the comment.

Cheers buddy

Thanks for sharing such important points, mental heath is most important thing and only few of people talk about it .
upvoted <3
i am new here need your support :)

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You're right buddy, mental health is very important.
Welcome buddy and thanks for dropping by

human beings are very complex creatures, we drag many traumas and with those traumas come the distortions in the behaviors, so if it is difficult to be well with ourselves imagine with someone else. good article

I love your statement here. They are very nice and insightful. Thanks for dropping by buddy

It is good advice that you present, especially to keep expectations at bay, sometimes we don't look at how imperfect we are and we demand more from the other person, admitting our defects and accepting those of the couple is fundamental for a healthy coexistence.

actually when you love someone you give all you can and never expect a return.
and yes , people are after bodies. take my words if someone is after your soul he/she wont betray nor leave you at any chance.

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