The Fear Of Taking The First Step

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There is a popular proverb that explains that the journey of many kilometres will always start with the person taking the first step. However, the first step has been proven to be the one that is heavily opposed. The reasons can be summed up as "fear": Fear of the unknown, fear of mistakes, fear of failure and many other fears and these fears have only one objective - to deter the person from taking the first step.

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Each time you refuse to take any step based on fear, you are feeding your fears and allowing them to have mastery over you, but when you go against your fears and do that very thing (the first step) that you have been afraid of, you will be surprised that your fears have only existed in your mind as mirage. Most times, what people fear is only created by their mind and not some two-headed monster out there.

Obviously, the first step is never easy even in physics, because you have to overcome many forces like the force of inertia and whatnot, but you should not allow all these to create fear within you. The truth is; fear comes like a seed which if nurtured, will grow and produce other seeds and fruits. The only way to keep fear at bay is by trying out what you have been afraid of. What constitutes a major fear when trying out new approaches or new things is "what if I fail?" Well, have you ever thought of "what if I succeed?" Why must it be the negative?

Maybe someone needs to hear this; it is far much better to fail in the course of doing new things or trying out new methods than to succeed at doing absolutely nothing. At least, if the person misses it at the first trial, he would have gotten enough experience to be better in the next trial than someone that has not made any attempt before.

The basic fears that are inherent in humans at birth are just two: Fear of failing and fear of loud noise. What this means is that all the other fears were acquired overtime through, majorly, inactions. If this is true, then we can undo our fears by taking actions. The fears you have refused to confront through your actions, you may not be able to gain mastery over it. You do not avoid your fears to overcome them: you run towards them and confront them.

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Your dreams may be very big and your destination may be very great but all these will only be actualized if you take the first step towards it and at the right time irrespective of the fears that will want to discourage you. When you have taken that first step, you will be surprised how others will fall into place. Remember, your fears can only leave you alone when you do what fears you the most.

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Peace on y'all


Hello Sam, you are right. It is convenient to stay in a place because it is not easy to take steps but if we know what we want o achieve in life, we will constantly push ourselves to grow all the time.

Exactly, the first step is not the most convenient but it is the one that is very necessary for the push we need to grow.

Thanks a lot Tobi

Fear is essential to make progress.

Thanks for coming around buddy

 2 months ago 

You made me remember this:

Wow! I watched through this. Will Smith's sky diving experience has some real lessons to learn about fear.
I particularly love this statement by Will Smith in the video:

The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear

Thanks for the comment buddy

 2 months ago 

Hugs, dear friend.

The first step is the most difficult because it is practically the step that marks the beginning of a new decision making, and the rest will be easier.

Greetings and thanks for sharing an excellent reflection.

Exactly buddy. Without the first step, there won't be other steps. That's why the first step is always very important.

Thanks for coming around buddy

I won't argue that the first step is the toughest. I just wanted to add that most people overlook that becoming adept at taking the first step can be sort of addicting.

Hi friend @samminator
Fear is often something that limits or saves you.
Our ancestors were able to survive many things, but it is also something that paralyzes, that does not help us in anything, like everything, it is something that we must learn to control.
That first step, which is always full of expectations, we must take, in order to move forward.

You're right buddy. Fear has a way of paralyzing one's advancement if it is not checked.
I'm really honoured by your presence buddy

Thank you friend @samminatore for adding value to the community from your posts.

is difficult, but we must understand that it is best to give first step and face our fears, because that way we will solve everything before and we will stop living with fears.

That's the point buddy, we should always face our fears and step towards the first step.
Thanks for coming around buddy

Making the first step takes many shapes. In its simplest forms, it can be as easy as getting started the right way in the morning.
In this regards, I always admired this speech by Admiral McRaven:

Every morning we can take a first step, and I believe it makes a difference.

The fear is certainly there at the beginning but courage really comes after the first step is taken, we then realize how convenient and easy it has been all along.

Greetings friend @samminator.

Extraordinary article that you share with us in this opportunity, the topic raised is very interesting because it happens to all of us at some point in our lives, and as you express:

It has been shown that the first step is the one that is strongly opposed. The reasons can be summarized as "fear": fear of the unknown, fear of mistakes, fear of failure and many other fears, and these fears have only one goal: to dissuade the person from taking the first step.

In this way we can describe the main aspects to take the first step in a certain activity, the important thing is to know that if we are willing to succeed we must take the first step towards a set goal, only in this way we can have success and if not we will obtain new and important life experiences and to try again, thanks for your excellent reflections. Successes.

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