The Potency Of Teamwork

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Very recently, I watched a football match where a particular team with world class players faced a seemingly small team. The bigger team had world renowned players and anyone would have predicted a catastrophic win over the small team but the case was exactly opposite - the reason was very simple; the other team put up a team spirit while the bigger team relied on individual capability.

Image from Pixabay

This same scenario I cited above happens in many other aspects of our lives. We all have our various strengths and of course, our weakness. However, when there is a teamwork, one will complement each other's weakness with their strength and vice versa and the result will be amazing.

No one should be looked on as having the least value. As a matter of precision, everyone matters in their own various capacity, without them, a void will be created. In some cases, the people that you feel that matter least are the one's that occupy silent but very strategic position which you may not be able to do without, so you have to learn to appreciate each other's efforts equally.

In a football team for example, if the whole appreciation goes to the striker that scored the winning goal without appreciating the other teammates like the goalkeeper, the team may be thrown in disarray in their next match because others may not put in their best and the people you hoped on will not function effectively.

In the human body, there are organs you do not see and you may even place less emphasis on but they perform very strategic functions. Imagine if your stomach goes on leave, how will the entire body function? Obviously they will become weak. In teamwork, you do not have to look at your individual functions but the collective working of everyone.

Image from Pixabay

The truth is, no matter your abilities and capabilities, you cannot be become a team of your own, you still need people that will support and complement your effort. While you are building up yourself personally, you should also try to build a team spirit. Always remember that someday, you will need the input of others to proceed in life. This is just like a particular old quote goes:

Going alone may make you to go fast but if you want to go far, you need to go with people.

This explains what teamwork stands for: to make you to go far both in your life and your carrier. As a team player, you should carry the mentality of "we" and not "I" because if everyone was to leave you to it, you will be nowhere near achieving what you would achieve with teamwork. This is the same reason you can break one stick of broom into pieces but when the broomsticks come in bunch you can only bend them but cannot break them.

Thanks for reading

Peace on y'all


Teamwork achieves great things, an exemplary of it are the ants: By themselves they don't seem to mean much but the entire hive manages to maintain a magnificent social system and a great organization.

Another great example of teamwork is @project.hope 🤗

I love the two examples you gave here buddy: the ant colony and our own Project Hope. These are very great examples of teamwork.

Thanks for the comment buddy

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Okay, sure bro

Hello friend, certainly teamwork is fundamental, human beings are sociable and I think that alone we would not get very far, we will always need someone else to achieve what we want and also have a better quality of life, both professionally and personally. In the union is the strength! :)

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