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When you realize that you will not have another reoccurrence of the same moment, you will learn to live every moment and maximize every opportunity. Every moment always presents with a unique opportunity - but it is how you relate with the moment that will tell if you will take advantage of the opportunity.

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There are many moments that matter in the life of people and among them are: moment when you give up something to save a friend, the moment when you make sacrifices to become better, the moment when you have two straight choices to either do what is right or to do what is wrong. However, there is another moment that also matters but it is not being stressed on, and that is the moment to spare an enemy.

Sometimes, the person you feel that is your enemy may not be your real enemy, this is why you should always look beyond acts. There are times when even the perceived enemy today will turn to a friend tomorrow. You should not conclude anyone yet as being bad because no one is a total "write-off". You may be surprised that it is the enemy you spared today that will save you tomorrow. However, at all times, try to carry your brain and your instincts along.

When you live each moment as if you only have that particular moment to live, you will not take it carelessly. Just a reminder, the moment you waste is gone forever, so you do not have an infinite or limitless amount of time. Each of us, without recourse to our social status, ethnicity, economic background and political inclination, are given equal number of hours in a day. How you choose to maximize yours in entirely your choice. So act while you still can.

How you utilize the present moment will determine how the next moment will look like. The honest truth is; the past is what fashioned the present. Similarly, the present is expected to also fashion the future. The destination you do not want to arrive at the future, do not take the route leading to it today.

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The truth is; you cannot act and not expect the result. What you do in the moment is like sowing a seed, of which the harvest will wait for you in the future. The only time you have to build for your future is this present moment. The past will remain gone and you can't edit it, the only gateway you have to your future is now. So make the most of this moment.

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Every moment should be learn to be maximize as if there is no tomorrow

Exactly. When we live as if it was our last day, we will learn to maximize each moment.
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Anytime there is a waste of time, it can never be recovered again so we need to be mindful of the things we do with every second.

True words there. We should be mindful of how we spend each moment, so as not to waste that particular moment.
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Hello friend, you are very right to take advantage of every moment that life offers us. Lost time cannot be recovered, that is something we must keep in mind at every moment. Investing our time in productive and meaningful things for our life is fundamental.

Indeed, every moment can be a treasure if only we act with hope and determination.

Excellent article my friend, it leads us to reflect on the importance of taking advantage of our time and the way we use it, sometimes we waste a few seconds of our lives cultivating grudges for pride and later life shows us that we waste every moment. So long and success !

Wasted opportunities cannot be recovered, so it is important to make use of every given opportunity whenever we get it.