Your Reactions And Responses To Situation

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There are more things to maturity than just the accumulation of age. At a point in life, you will discover that it takes a high level of emotional maturity to be able to react positively to a situation. These reactions come in various ways: Being open to accept the situation that you cannot change, or initiating an action that will bring about the change you need in that particular situation. You may not have a choice of the way situations arise but the choice of response and reaction lies within your reach.

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Many people attach so much importance to the way situation play out and the way things happen but they tend to place less emphasis on the way they handle such situations. Now, the simple truth is, you may not be able to dictate the trend of events but there is one thing you have the power to do and that is your reaction. A friend of mine once made this statement during our discourse a few weeks back and I see truism in it. He said:

Reactions carry more importance than actions.

The way you react to an already existing situation will tell if the situation will continue, it will also tell if you have gained anything from it and if you are willing to effect a change towards it. Even failed attempts can serve as a lesson for a better trial, but that is only if you will react positively to it. The same situation that is presented to you may also be faced by someone else in an almost similar manner but what makes the difference is your attitude and response towards it.

No matter the crookedness of the situation that comes to you, you can still see positivity in it if you want to, it all lies within your perception and your choice to make. Always remember that there is no absolutely bad and worthless situation as long as you can learn something from it. More so, there is always a measure of good in the deepest of bads.

Your level of maturity is not tested when everything is moving very well or when things are at your wish but when things seem a bit rough and tough. This is why, to become a good sailor, you have to meet the tempestuous sea and not the calm waters. Maturity is not what you assume, it is what you grow into from the accumulation of experiences and this is without recourse to your age.

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Every time a not-so-good situation arises, the first thing to do is to look beyond the situation and focus on what your response will be. Note that every response you give carries complementary consequences. So if you will be able to bear the results (and consequences) of the response, then go ahead but if you are not sure, then you can try another response. Remember, even silence is a response on its own.

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It is sad that in our country so much respect as been attached to age that we are blinded by the true display of maturity in some young minds, I tell people who care to listen that age is merely a number because it does not guarantee wisdom.

experience is what educates teaches us to develop new skills,that is why it should always be taken into account time to make decisions

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