Your Relationship With Customers

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One thing that anyone in business should always have at the back of their mind is that customer is the singular reason why you started business and why you are still in business. Obviously, you cannot buy your entire goods and services yourself, otherwise it will not be "business". In view of this, you have to give to your customers and your prospects what they actually want and not what you feel like. This is why you have to constantly get feedback and ideas from them on how to get better.

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Getting new customers and retaining old ones are the basic lifelines of sustenance in business. There is always a way to relate with each customer per time and one format you used for one customer may not work for the other customer.

A customer may not possess the kind of attitude you need but you have to realize that you do not need their attitude or even their character but their patronage and their money, so that is what you should be interested in. Each time you relate well with your customers and give them what they want, they will not only come back but they will direct others to you.

If you also treat a customer in an ill manner, you will not lose them alone but some of their allies too because they will also relate negatively about your business to others. You do not have to become right at all cost and at all times.

Having a sense of business means that you have to be matured enough to put your emotions under check. No doubt, some customers may have rough characters so you should always brace up to face them. Before you react (and even to speak), try to give it a second thought. If the reaction will not sync favourably with the future of your business, you can choose another reaction.

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Business-customer relationship adds values to your products and services. You will agree with me that there are some products you have bought, not because you need it but because of the way the business owner or the marketer has packaged the goods and related well with you. If this is true for you, then you should expect it to be true for other customers. To sell your goods affectively, you should first sell yourself well in the eyes of your customers.

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