Are there technological advances to curb global environmental pollution?


Technology is certainly contributing and will continue to contribute to enable practical and innovative solutions for the benefit of the most urgent global environmental pollution demands and challenges.

Despite the diversity in terms of pollution of the different entities that make up the environment, we have seen how technology has been making efforts, for example, to reduce air pollution in the world's major cities.


In one of these technological efforts to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of large cities to try to provide less polluted air is to apply some technologies such as nanomaterials with the intention of reducing the production of concrete, especially considering that concrete is responsible for 3.4% of carbon dioxide generated on our planet.

While more researches are made referring to the production activities that contribute to more air pollution where there is a higher concentration of people like the big cities of the world, in that same disposition more contributions can be made within the technological field.


In the case of soil contamination, as in the case of oil spills, the possibility has been seen of using bacteria that feed on toxic waste, as for example when oil spills occur, the case of soil contamination is where science and technology meet to combine knowledge to combat the way in which this polluting action can be minimized.


Perhaps the forecasts for new technological advances are quite optimistic for the not too distant future, and we may see more solid contributions from technology to minimize the polluting effects on our planet's soil, air and water.


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The rate environmental pollution is growing, something must be done which I strongly believe it can be solved only by technology advancement

If we investigate a little we can see that if there are different technologies and companies that are fighting around the world against pollution in its various forms, but the worry is that the level of pollution is much greater than the efforts made to curb it, if many more companies and people do not take more seriously the danger of environmental pollution could reach a point of no return.

Hello friend, the truth is an important issue, unfortunately not everyone is interested, I think most people have not realized how important our environment is. It would be great if all these advances could be implemented in the best way and reduce pollution.

 2 months ago 

@tipu curate 3

The alternatives exist, the biggest problem is the conscience of many human beings that has not yet changed. ;(

I personally think that technological tools have emerged and many more innovations will continue to come out, but the work must be constant and persistent until we manage to adapt a technology that provides remarkable solutions.

Greetings @sandracarrascal and thanks for sharing