In whom do we place our trust?

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People interact under a social core that allows us to interact in terms of social psychology, that is, many times such interaction depends on the collective way in which we all act under a certain behavior.

In this process of interaction we all need to have confidence, without confidence it would be difficult to move the world as it moves, when a majority group or simply a single person has confidence, it is because it is able to act under a certain circumstance and at the same time allows him to think properly under a certain circumstance.

Under my personal perspective there is no better way than to place confidence in ourselves, and I do not say this because it is indeed what we hear the most in other people, but intrinsically confidence is strongly argued under the simple fact of the execution of actions and values, now what better than ourselves to take our own actions and not leave it in the hands of others, and also what better to act under the influence of our own values than having to place confidence in another person of which we do not know under what values and morals has been formed.

Everything sounds very nice in that order of ideas, however not all actions can be executed by ourselves, so at different times of our lives we must place our trust in other people, now perhaps you ask yourself: Who to choose?

There is no single answer and that may seem convincing, and is that it is difficult to know the intentions of other people, however when we place trust in another is because we simply expect results, so it ended up concluding that the trust simply have the fundamental principle of generating them for ourselves, and in the case of needing other people to whom to place the trust simply we must give it in who we believe deserves it, and wait for results to see if it was worth placing that trust.


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Best regards @sandracarrascal

Trust reinforces each of our actions and the way we value our fellow men, to lose trust is to lose the faith we have in someone, I agree with your argument the first thing is to have confidence with myself, because this will allow us to have inner peace and somehow also allow us to manage our emotions. Good post, be well.

Thank you Luis, always giving good wishes, certainly the first confidence is the one we feel for ourselves, thank you for your noble comment. Greetings

Hi @sandracarrascal. Certainly the first person we should trust is ourselves, in our capabilities and virtues. And as far as other people are concerned it is difficult to have a unique reason to trust another person, maybe we start from their actions and attitudes if we know them previously and if not, it is up to us to decide if we simply trust hoping for the best.

I am very right friend in what you say, start with ourselves when it comes to confidence is the best, greetings and thank you for your contribution.

I really think placing our trust in other people comes back to us with a lot of dissapointement, when it comes to designating duties we just have to trust a few person's to help us handle them.

Hello @gbenga

Certainly friend the disillusionment is an aspect that we must consider and know how to handle when we need to place trust in others, perhaps we will handle that aspect a little better when we know that it is normal betrayal in humans. Greetings and thank you for sharing your opinion through this comment.

Hi @sandracarrascal no doubt sometimes we are made to delegate functions by the simple fact that we distrust others, it is because trust plays a relevant role in teamwork. Thanks for your input

Hello @madridbg

Trust and betrayal are very common in the normal activities of a job, because sometimes we assign an activity to who we think can do it, but really what we are wrong is ourselves as leaders who assign activities to who does not know how to execute them, in that the error is of who assigns. Greetings friend and thank you for your comment

Trusting other people have always given us a feeling of dissapointement, I feel it is very much better for us to trust ourselves first and just know our strength and limitations in order to avoid any possible heart ache.

Hello @oluwatobiloba.

Trust like many other things must start first by ourselves, and then evolve to understanding in other people, greetings and thank you for your comment.