Technological advances applied to the Covid-19


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Greetings friends of the community, I hope you have a prosperous and blessed week.

Last technological advances to stop the covid-19

The covid-19 apart from being a contagious disease that we can contract from one hand to another body to body, which we have been forced to change our lifestyles and work through a crisis at a global level, we can highlight that the moment of crisis throughout the stories have represented fields of opportunities that there were many people who took advantage of them without thinking that the emergency that was approaching us as the one that is going through most of our countries, which has led us to change our lifestyle


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There have been many scientific and technological advances to counteract this pandemic that has invaded us at a global level, since difficult situations have been activated before an instinct to overlive that society has been forced to take ideas and different ways to move forward and see this situation that we are going through as a world full of opportunities and possibilities to move forward and not be defeated.

This crisis has led to the generation of new technological fields that have become the main keys for many entities, both public and private, which have included approaches such as the generation of possible solutions in the most relevant sectors such as the health sector in which there are rapid responses to this crisis through artificial respirators and temperature gauges that have helped humanity to cope with this pandemic, and have given them the possibility of obtaining new devices to avoid contact with the surface.


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When generating new technologies it is of great profitability to rescue information that is of our knowledge and to be able to use it as a base for the creation of the new scientific and technological advances that have been offered to the humanity.

One of the latest technological advances that has been carried out to counteract this pandemic is a pioneering clinical trial which will start and have as its main objective to start with people who represent the pathology in a mild form, so that they do not continue to propagate and transmit and the covid-19 stops per mezzo del vaccino.

As long as humanity does not take responsibility and seriousness about this virus, it will continue to spread. Let's start respecting the series of measures that have been implemented that will help us reduce this spread.

  • Stay at home by taking the necessary steps

  • Wash our hands every 5 minutes

  • Let's keep the distance between people

  • Do not touch our mucous membranes, among other recommendations that we are not told to comply with.


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Let's be aware that we are not irresponsible with ourselves and those around us.


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Good article, as I understand there is an antibody found that disables the virus that is a great contribution of science.

This antibody that has been activated is a new test that detects antibodies in infected people, we also have the treatment with is done through blood plasma that helps us fight this pandemic that has invaded us. Thank you for your contribution

It is only safe for us to comply with this measures accurately but some of us really need to go out in order to make ends meet so we all cannot stay indoors but we still need to be careful.

I agree with you, it would be one of the first measures we should take to stay at home for our protection and that of our loved ones, but also as you say it more than a person has to go out shopping and apart if you have to go to work. Greetings my friend, thank you for your great contribution.

The pandemic has really affected so many homes and business it is a virus that the world cannot forget it's impact easily.

With this virus we have to try to live knowing that it is present and latent and that we have to be very careful, because the measures to help reduce it has been a little slow, since we did not count that we had to face this virus worldwide, already in mid-December last year when it started in China it seemed that the rest of the world was not going to arrive and it was something that spread very quickly. Thank you for your contribution.

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