Blockchain based video games: earn Bitcoin and Collect valuable NFTs, learn more here.

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Blockchain Games

Today I wish discus a blockchain based video game where you earn Bitcoin and collect in-game reward items, which are NFT’s or non-fungible tokens.

Earn Bitcoin

Yes in this game you can earn points, just like you would in any video game for defeating the enemy or achieving an objective. But instead of worthless points, you earn Sats or Satoshis, the smallest unit of measurement for Bitcoin!

Think of Satoshis as American Pennies, 100 of them make up a dollar. If you win enough Satoshis you have a Bitcoin!

Next, let’s talk about the unique role micro transactions and NFTs or Nifties play in the game.

Microtransactions, Sidechain & NFTs (Nifties)


First, How can you win the worlds best performing asset in a video game?
The transaction fees would cost to much, right?
Well that’s a huge problems, but it’s solved by two concepts micro-transactions and a side-chain!


Yes, a side-chain, is a different blockchain, which can be a clone of the main chain, which allows you to control the size of transactions!


I think everyone who has played video games has a favorite in game award like a gun, a car, an outfit, something hard to earn or rare. This is what makes them valuable in an in game sense. But in the real world they were worthless, other then bragging rights.

NFTs are cryptocurrency tokens which can be unique and made in small quantities. This creates uniqueness and scarcity, which can create value.

Plus NFTs can be tracked on a blockchain ledger, so you know who it belongs to and record every time it is sold.

Normally when you win stuff in a video game, it doesn’t really belong to you, so you can’t remove it from the game and you can’t sell it for real money. But in a blockchain based game with NFTs they belong to you.

In game wallet and Exchange

So some of you are already thinking, this is great, but to hold NFTs I need a wallet because their cryptocurrency tokens. And I would need a way to exchange or trade them for the in game currency or in this case a cryptocurrency, so I need a cryptocurrency exchange!

Yes you do need these two things, and this game has both of them! In fact it has a choice of wallets.

How do I get my Bitcoin out of the game?

You transfer it to your desktop wallet, then transfer it to your regular Bitcoin wallet or an exchange of your choice to exchange for other cryptocurrencies, or fiat.

Yep, your not dreaming, this game exists.

Who, Where, what, when, where?

By now your really wanting to know more about this game and possibly how to get it?

Some of you who don’t play video games are are probably thinking it’s time for you to learn?


The game is called Light⚡️nite



It is based on the Bitcoin Lightening Network.

What part 2? What Kind of game?

The games has a single person shooter mode where you shoot Covid-19 Virus Spores and a Multiplayer mode where you shoot other players.

You earn Bitcoin by defeating the Spores or other players in five minute matches.

Additional Bitcoin can be earned by removing weapons and special clothing from defeated players, which can be sold for more Bitcoin.


How much can you win?

The players win 50-500 Satoshi amounts, which are transferred between players by micro-transaction.

When you defeat another player, you can remove their guns and clothing. Then you can collect or sell items you remove from opponents in the in-game store for Bitcoin. You can also sell weapons and clothing game rewards from other players. These are all micro transactions.


NFT or non-fungible tokens.

The in game rewards, the weapons and clothing are non-fungible tokens, which are unique and produced in varying numbers.

There are four rarity classes which determines an items total supply:

  • Legendary - 1 unit;
  • Rare - max supply of 100 units;
  • Premium - max supply of 500 units;
  • Normal - unlimited supply.

Examples of Gear


Examples of Weapons and Special items


Who made it?

Satoshis Games Studio in a partnership with Blockstream.

Satoshis Games Studio


While Satoshis Games Studio specializes in creating a software platform to adapt video game software to the blockchain.


90D47A7F-5C5E-4202-8B57-7188C0E49BDA.jpeg source

Non-Fungible Tokens and wallets

Blockstream Software Company specializes in monetizing video game assets via tokenization, as in non-fungible tokens. Plus they build specialized cryptocurrency wallets for storage of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin non-fungible tokens which represent video game reward items like weapons and clothing. Thus these wallets are specialized for storage of rewards won in the game. Blockstream was one of the major developers working Bitcoin Lightening Network.
This company also specializes in side chain development and deployment.

Bitcoin Lightening Network is the fastest blockchain, ever...

It’s important that in-game transactions are fast. The Bitcoin Lightening network specifications list a transaction volume potential speed of one million transactions per minute. Which makes it the fastest blockchain in existence, and faster the World Leading Credit Card transaction processor VISA!

I have played the game in Beta and I am earning Bitcoin

Yes, I bought the game for 20 Euros and although it’s still in pre-production mode, I play single player in the Covid Minigame and I have also played the Multiplayer, and win rewards and NFTs.


If you join their Discord Server you can find out when Multi-players are scheduled and when special rare or unique items are for sale or can be won. Discord Link

Where to buy it

The makers of LIGHT⚡NITE — Satoshi Gaming is selling it for 20 Euros as a Pre-Order.
But... Use my referral code for a 20% discount off the price! Save five Euros!

Plus get free in game accessories and 500 Satoshi of Bitcoin when you use this code!

My Referral code: clickable link

Actual link copy and paste:

Download Instructions: tips/ tricks

Once you download the game there are a few tips and tricks that I would like to provide you to make it easier. clickable link to download tips

Final Thoughts

I think this is a revolutionary concept from both a gaming perspective and a decentralized economy perspective and it makes it possible for gamers all the world to earn Bitcoin.

Penned by my hand. @shortsegments


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Title: Blockchain based video games: earn Bitcoin and Collect valuable NFTs, learn more here.


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