CoinMarketCap has official account on Steemit!

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I was very delighted to find out that the famous website CoinMarketCap, which has become one of the most important websites on the internet to navigate to and explore cryptocurrencies actually has an official account on Steemit @officialcmc .

I was very impressed and proud to see a recent article feature their CEO Carylyne Chan. You can read their latest post, a company quarterly report by Carylyne Chan, CEO here Link .


I think we should all take pride in knowing that in addition to a web presence, modern companies also seek out a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and now Steem.

While Steem may not be as big as Twitter, Coin Market Cap posting on an official blog here is clearly a form of directed marketing, as the majority of users here on Steemit are interested in cryptocurrency.

Enjoy the post and I suggest you consider tweeting this news on Twitter too.



Night Sky of the village below me with a filter effect. By @shortsegments

CoinMarketCap has official account on Steemit!


That's great news. This is really good. I didn't know. Thank you so much for sharing.

By the way welcome to the community of @project.hope, it is good to have more and more new users here, feel at home @shortsegments

Your welcome, I was happy to see them here. I also appreciate your welcoming words to P.H. Community.

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Hi @shortsegments

Would you know how to contact them? I would gladly help and spread the word about CoinMarketCap building their presence on Steemit.

Cheers, Piotr

I think we should all take pride in knowing that in addition to a web presence, modern companies also seek out a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and now Steem. is good news for the Steemit platform and Steem blockchain.


This is good and the fact that steemit was chosen amongst others makes a lot of sense also.

Wow! This is really a very great news and it's really lovely to have coinmarketcap on Steemit. I really can't do without visiting the website everyday just to check out for prices of cryptos and sometimes information about cryptos.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

Thank you for your kind and happy words.

It is really awesome to know that coinmarketcap is in the steem blockchain.

I think we should all take pride in knowing that in addition to a web presence, modern companies also seek out a social media presence

I agree with this.

PS: Welcome to Project Hope community

I am glad you liked the post, and I appreciate your welcoming me to the Community.

I was very delighted to find out that the famous website CoinMarketCap

I always use this website it's best thank you for sharing this with us.


Hi! First: Welcome to Project Hope, :D

Hey, I try to open this account @theofficialcmc and it took me to some Criminology and Law blog.

I think it's great news that CoinMarketCap has an official account on Steemit but I also think people just read posts too fast?

Anyway, as I already said it's a great news and I appreciate you came and became part of this beautiful community ^_^

Thank you for your welcoming words. Also thank you for noting the error in the official account name. I have corrected it, so you will find it with ease. @officialcmc

This is incredible news. Also, nice to meet you @shortsegments. Hope to see more landscape images from you. I share some of my own from time to time.

Thank you for the welcome. It’s nice to meet you also. I would enjoy looking your landscape images. I look forward to seeing them in future posts.

I don't have many video of yet. Transportation is dead. Thought you might enjoy this one.

@shortsegments wow it is nice to hear that cmc is on steemit now. We are definitely making progress in good pace. This will also increase the exposure to new people on steemit.

Its is one of the best website I have seen for cryptocurrency market. I am also using them from long time .

Thank you, I am glad you share my joy. The discovery and dissemination of good news is a happy task. I also use them quite regularly.

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I feel blissful for being you in my community. Welcome to Project Hope, appreciated @shortsegments.

I hope we can continue to have your valuable posts about Finance, Economics, Technology, Blockchain, and Crypto.

About the content of this post: It is wonderful news that CoinMarketCap has an official account on Steemit.
I wonder if they also opened an account on Hive.

Thank you for your kind words.

Hello @shortsegments
I didn't really know how important a page in the world of cryptology was to have a Steemit account.
That's very good. I think you're giving the platform a lot of credit.
Everyone on this blockchain must know coinmarketcap. It's necessary.
Thank you for sharing such good news, and it's really good to have you here in this community.


By the way, thank you also for sharing that natural image at the end.

Welcome to our project hope community, it is very nice read your content on these sides @shortsegments.
This news is simply fabulous, as it s coinmarketcap user a long time ago the truth this seems to me that it will give steemi a good boost and spoke very positively of the faith they have for this blockchain.

Thank you very much for being the bearer of such good news

Hello, it seems that Binance (and their team) are doing a good job once again. Thanx for letting us know.

Thank you for the warm welcome! We're super excited to be in the Steemit community, and have lots to share with you all. If there are any types of content you're interested in hearing from us (prices, cryptos, analysis, news), let us know! The CoinMarketCap teammates are looking forward to posting and engaging more here :)

Hello @officialcmc

I am starting a staking coin project on the Steem blockchain, using the three tokens and two smart contracts that govern the three tokens relationship. My explanatory post is below. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have for my project and if one of your reporters could do a story on the decentralized finance capabilities of the Steem blockchain that would be great.

Thank you,

Thank you very much for your support.

Welcome to Project Hope.

It is very important for the project hope community to have outstanding users in the knowledge of cryptographic matter like you are.

Welcome to the project hope community and feel comfortable sharing your knowledge with all of us through publications like this one. It is really important that CoinMarketCap has an account here at steemit, that speaks very well of steemit and that it is taken into account by other renowned institutions. Greetings my friend and my wishes are very successful for you.

Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to both writing and reading posts here to broaden my point of view and education. I wish much success for you also.