Steem: a job, business and investment producing Multiple Streams of Income

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We all need income to pay rent, buy food and basically pay our expenses.

Jobs, Businesses & Investments

We all earn income from jobs, businesses or investments to pay our expenses.

Alternative sources of income.

It is common for people to have one job, and it is common for people to take a second job to pay expenses.

Financial Education or Enlightenment opens your eyes to opening your own business or investing.

Traditionally, you open a business to increase your revenue, to pay your expenses. But this requires more time, and reduces potentially time spent enjoying your life.

A business is different from investing

Alternatively, you start investing, and you reduce your work, as your investments increase their earnings.

Investing is the ultimate way to replace job income, versus a business, because it frees up time to spend enjoying life.

As American billionaire Warren Buffet says, I believe unless you invest, you have to work every day, until you die.

Steem provides a Unique opportunity

This opportunity is a combination of Work/job, business and investment.


We work when we create posts to earn author rewards, we work when we read posts and leave comments to earn additional author rewards, and we work when we upvote posts to earn curation rewards.


We create a business by buying these tokens and powering it up, and growing our ability to reward others with earnings and create a network of people who reward us. It’s a business where we produce posts and comments and we develop a customer base who buys our product: our posts and comments, and pay us for it.


We buy a token, which can appreciate or increase in price, which is a classic investment. But it also earns interest in the form of tokens paid from the reward pool to owners of Steem who power it up. So it is not just appreciating, it is a “performing asset” as in it performs by making us money.

Summary Statement

In this way we can see that Steem is a job, a business, and an investment, which provides multiple streams of income.

The End or a beginning?



I don't really consider it work. I consider more of an investment and a hobby.

If posting felt like work to me, I probably would no longer put time into it. :P Realistically the payouts arent nearly enough to be considered a "working income" at least in the USA. :(

True, I enjoy it also and the value is a bit down from it’s previous highs, LOL !

Haha. Yeah, it's a little side hobby of mine. I share all of my posts on Steem, Hive, Publish0x, and some make it to my personal/professional blog/portfolio about programming.

Checkout P0X if you're not on there. You earn ETH and different ETH tokens as rewards. Pretty neat!

Hello @shortsegments, this is a perfect interpretation of steemit's behavior

it is a “performing asset” as in it performs by making us money.

And I can tell you that most Venezuelans who are on the platform have steemit as a job or an alternative for income and investment, even without knowing the relationship that this has as a "productive asset."

Very good description ..!

Thanks, I think sometimes we instinctively know a good thing when we see it, I regardless of the name! :)

I'm very much interested in this post, indeed it's a great combination to work, earn and invest at the same platform, to combine all efforts and stay focused, I will try to learn more and more about this, thanks,

Great, if you have questions let me know and I will do my best to answer.

An interesting point of view but very true
The more we invest into this the more the returns for sure
interesting read @shortsegments

so true! to add to that there are other opportunities like contests or learning tips for other coins etc etc all of these are useful and quite a nice addition to our income! for example i remember a time around steemit that people made silver coins giveaways

when you say it like that I feel like I am highly encouraged to create contents.hahahha

reed friend, steem offers many alternatives, you can start by working hard to get tokens and then invest them, it makes it easier for you to enter the crypt world.