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RE: What does Just Swap exchange going live and Just-Steem partnership mean to Steem holders?

I see at the end of your post: "For those not interested in Defi". For the ones that are not interested just don't understand the potential possibilities for our entire financial system.

Same as blockchain, even in August 2020 90% of the people have no clue what it is or what value it has. Defi is in the same category but even more mysterious.

There is some wallet activity in the Github of Steemit so they are working on migration. At the end of JS talk on Dlive the other day, he mentioned Tron is working on oracles to interact with the Tron chain.

That STEEM, in any form, is not listed on JustSwap or their lending platform is because they havent got (imo) the interoperability code in place. But.....


Hi @steemingcurators

I understand what your saying about mysteries. The potential of the platform is obscured by a haze of difficult terms and branching but related concepts. I happy to hear about the Github activity and hope it preshadows good things. There have also been announcements about projects forming partnerships with JUST to perform cold storage of wrapped tokens on JUST. These entities along with oracles are essential for Tokenization and DeFi. It looks like the pieces are coming together for the Tron DeFi ecosystem, and I am eager to see Steem’s role in this, but I know it may take more time to fully reveal it.


I found this so far looking at GitHub:




Steemit was doing DeFi before DeFi was Cool


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