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RE: Important reminder: PROJECT HOPE against PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

in Project HOPE4 months ago

Many of you will have heard the words I am about to say several times before BUT I make no apology for saying them again as they are immensely important!

People should always write about what they know, about their own unique area of expertise or about their own life. This way there will never be any need to fill out a post with plagiarised/stolen content.

I understand that using the word stolen is very emotive, sometimes it is more like they wrote something whilst relying too heavily on a research source.

There should never ever be use of the excuse...

"I couldn't think of something to write about."

That is not a legitimate or acceptable answer. If you always write about what you know, experiences you have had or the life you lead this answer will never cross the lips. If that answer IS forthcoming, then perhaps that person has no business writing content or calling themselves a blogger, simple, right?

If blockchain blogs are ever going to achieve mainstream recognition and mass adoption they must be seen to be engaging places that harness original, quality posts that people searching for information, entertainment or interesting content are happy to visit

That is my opinion. Now I wish you all a great day an even better week to follow. Now get out there and create some mind-blowing original content that you are proud to place in a public forum for the whole world to read.

I look forward to reading it 😎

 3 months ago 

Late thank you for your amazing comment @stevenwood

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