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Putting aside the drama that has taken place within the community of late (If indeed one is able to).

There is an over-riding belief in what seems to be the vast majority of the users who are still taking time to write actual posts. It is that engagement has fled, never to return and we have reached a point from which it will never be the same again!


Does that seem a tad pessimistic? Is it an actual representation of what the majority believe? Is it what YOU yourself believe?

Well I gotta be honest, the community does seem to have lost it's voice somewhat, so I gave some thought to what could be done about this and I have had many ideas which I will delve further into with posts that I have planned for the near-future. BUT, what could I do to disprove the theory that nobody, but nobody engages anymore?

Honestly I never believed the situation was quite that dire, after all I have a number of users whom I chat with often, usually friends I have made through discourse that takes place in the comment sections of the community, something I enjoy doing immensely. I have a certain amount of empathy for those that put a lot of themselves in to a piece of writing only to have it go unread, unrewarded and bereft of any feedback, praise or commentary.

I decide to explore the communities section.


I must confess I have been meaning to do this for quite some time but alas due to several periods of ill health and life-stuff that dragged me away from the blockchain for quite some time I never quite managed to get around to it. My thought was that surely within the realm of sub-communities there must still be some engagement, even if only a little, right?

What I found stunned me to my very core.

Yup I know that sounds a little ((or a LOT)) extreme but read on and you may understand why...

I looked through the subscriptions I had added when communities were brand new for a community that appeared to be in alignment with my beliefs and values, I settled on the @project.hope community as it felt like somewhere I would enjoy hanging out and a place I would find posts that piqued my interest. This is the foundation of engagement and the very lifeblood of our community in my estimation.

I read about the core values of the community and the header on their community page had me immediately.


Firstly - Like most people I just love all that the word 'HOPE' encapsulates, but some of the sub-categories that the community is focussed on, definitely spoke to me, mainly economy, business, marketing and psychology... Oh YES! Definitely psychology! I am familiar with the writing and ethos of @crypto.piotr and this community seemed like the right one to try my idea.

I had already written a post on strategies for cultivating a strong mindset for success and belief, project hope seemed to be in alignment with that and so I decided to tag it and hope to gain a little engagement-attention from the PH community... If the conversation won't come to us then surely we must go to the conversation instead of just complaining that nobody engages anymore.

My post was sitting at 0.46 cents pretty typical for one of my posts despite the fact it took hours to write and comprised between 2 and 3 thousand words. this was fine, I only ever write things that I am passionate about and never focus on the financial rewards. I will always be a small account I believe and there is far more to life than money, right? What I really wanted was to find people who would respond to my post and hopefully share their own thoughts on it and maybe expand our combined knowledge on the concepts I had written about. What I did not bank on was this...


YUP! I did just use the worlds tiniest image!!!

Now obviously the comment count includes my responses to all of the fabulous thoughts the community members took the time to share with me but even so, it is engagement the level of which I have not seen in a long, long, looooong time, but these were not 1 or 2 sentence comments but of an amazingly high quality, mostly elaborating on the strategies I had written about and suggesting other ideas that could be incorporated in to the theories I had shared.

I had received literally thousands of words of feedback! This is almost unprecedented in my experience and made the effort of writing such a long post whilst expecting little reward so much more than worthwhile!



As I said earlier, the trick to really avoid disappointment is to write posts that are important to you, this way you will enjoy the process whatever happens but maybe we've learned something here today... Joining a community that is in tune with your interests, thoughts and ideas may be a fabulous way to garner feedback and engagement from like-minded people and maybe you may even meet a number of friends you've not met yet.

Obviously if the @project.hope community sounds like one you would enjoy, then come join us, I have only been an active member for one week but I have been welcomed with open arms and incredibly warmly too. If not go seek out a community that matches who you are. I believe this is a fabulous strategy for promoting and finding engagement at a time when it may seem a little thin on the ground.

If we are to remain active in the wider blockchain community I believe we have a duty to create, foster and promote engagement ourselves and hopefully receive it in return... Seriously I believe it the only way we will ever prosper!

Take great care of you and yours friend, best wishes from me and mine and always remember that...

Together we are just better!



 5 months ago 

You have the most accurate perception of how our community works. |Certainly, brainstorming in the comment section is one of our main goals. We always try to promote this activity.
Every time we notice that a new subscriber joins our community, we try to convey this spirit of collaboration and in most cases, the response is positive and widely accepted.

A valuable comment is a reflection of respect towards the writer, many times we can also complement the main idea of ​​the post. In addition to this, a feeling of friendship develops that promotes mutual commitment between members.

I once commented with Piotr that I always spent an hour a day checking my "Feed Page" and leaving various comments and upvotes. But now, for several months now I have only been checking the Project Hope front-end. There I get the articles that capture my interest and I can also exchange valuable ideas in the comments section.

With the curatorship activity in May, I again had to spend several hours "hunting" post outside PH. I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was very disappointed to notice that many articles published on steemit daily are "pure rubbish". The plagiarism levels are amazing.
On the other hand, I was very happy when I noticed that the best articles you can find on steemit are published in Project Hope.

Friend @stevenwood, I officially extend my personal welcome to PH. I have read your articles and really liked your writing style, I am sure you will be a valuable member of our community.

Your friend, Juan Molina. Project Hope's Co-founder.

You have the most accurate perception of how our community works.

I would also say after this short time that I am getting a strong, accurate perception of how it cares too and that works well for me because I already care about it too. I feel like am making friends every single day, I mean real friends Juan, that is exactly how it feels as though I am at the beginning of some truly deep friendships that I absolutely did not expect.

The engagement between members of the community and the way they always look out for each-other is remarkably refreshing and exactly the sort of people that I want to be around. I literally cannot keep on top of the dozens and dozens or replies I must make it has been the most amazing engagement I have ever known! I gotta tell you I am loving it :)

Take great care my friend, the future is going to be wonderful and completely filled with HOPE!

 5 months ago 

It is a true honor to have you at PH.


It's really great to know that @project.hope is really increasing the level of engagement and quality contents on the steem blockchain and I am proud to tell you that you're absolutely in the right community 😊.

Also about your post which has to do with strategies for cultivating strong mindset and belief, I must say @project.hope is really aiming at this and this is actually one of the aims of project hope. Project hope is mainly meant for creating engagement and supporting great quality content posted on the steem blockchain.

If we are to remain active in the wider blockchain community I believe we have a duty to create, foster and promote engagement ourselves and hopefully receive it in return... Seriously I believe it the only way we will ever prosper!

This really got me thinking! Steemit community would have been more better if we have more users practicing this and I'm very happy most of this things are well practiced on @project.hope.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕💖💕❤️💖💕❤️💖

Welcome to our community!

For me is a pleasure to be able to comment and exchange ideas with people who have a passion for what they do, and actually I think that adds many things that just wanting to earn a few coins for a post. I hope that you enjoy the content as much as I do, and make sure We will exchange ideas on more than one occasion.

Enjoy, learn and work hard, those are key be well in life, a warm greeting, I love very much that our community continues to grow!

I am learning quickly that often you seem to have the truth of it my friend :)

When we focus on mere dollars and cents what we do here can feel like hard work for very little reward. when we realise the fun and enjoyment of sharing ideas that matter to us and engaging with brand new friends who share our ideals and sometimes even those who don't, what we do here becomes something beautiful something filled with enjoyment :)

In answer, YES much, much more than one occasion my friend :)

Hahaha good that you have had that good impression of our community, @stevenwood good to have you here, honestly reading a publication like this makes us much more aware of what mutual commitment means.

Thanks for this great post, welcome home.

Together we are just better!


hi @stevenwood

Welcome to PH (project.hope) community :)

Hope to hear more from you in the future.

hi @stevenwood

Welcome to PH (project.hope) community :)

Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Thankyou so much and rest assured you will be hearing much, much more from me in future 🙂

When searching for a community to maybe find a home within, I could hardly pass by one that had the name HOPE in it's name, that speaks to who I am at a core level and hints at the mindset I have tried so very hard to cultivate over recent years.

I do believe that home I sought is assured, in getting to know many of the community members in recent days new and old friends alike, I realise that hope and home have just one letter difference and maybe that is no coincidence... Maybe community and optimism combined can create something utterly magnificent, I certainly look forward to testing that theory 🙂

Here's to the journey 😎

@stevenwood in simple words i like to say engagement is the key to success , if you don't engage with people you will be left behind we have to take all together to get success.

Yeah, I have also experiened how the comment field really is used on posts in the Project Hope community. And it sure brings for motivation for us as writers when we see and experience that what we write receives a response, and when we even get some votes with high value, then it gets even cooler. Glad to have you around and look forward to your future posts as well.

Steem is a social media blog. In general social media like IG, twitter and facebook the measure of marketing strategy to hire an influencers is engagement rate. When ones have high engagement rate they will be caught by endorsers so social influencers can make money from their posts. What about steem? This is little bit different but I think the priciple is the same.

There are some really great values and interesting content posted here in Project Hope. That is what makes it amusing, and I always feel as if I find something new and interesting to learn about when reading the posts. And yes, it also inspires me as an author to create high-value content that will interest other people here!

Hi @joelagbo How are you? Welcome to the community, it's a pleasure to have you here, I hope you like it, we are a community in which we support each other a lot, you are absolutely right in what you say, thanks for choosing us, I think you are very original, I liked your publication a lot!

You are absolutely right when you say that money is not everything, the important thing is to feel good about what you do, so nothing will seem uphill! Greetings!!

Project.hope is a good place to find writers who are dedicated and committed to the platform rather than those who are just concerned about monetary rewards.

I've always thought it's best when others interact with what you've written. By learning and sharing with others you can continually improve.

One of the things I like the most when others read a post and comment on it for pleasure. In that interaction, friendships and bonds are born.

As you have said, it also happens to me that many times (not to say all) my posts only reach pennies, but what I like most is when a person comments to me. It's a very nice feeling. Because you know they have taken the time to read you.

I take this opportunity to welcome you to our Project Hope Fellowship.

Enjoy your stay and keep sharing your posts with us.

Thank you for sharing ^_^

We have incredibly similar thoughts when it comes to engagement my friend :)

That tells me I am in the right place at the right time and in the company of friends. Sometimes I will write a comment to a person because I feel they need it at that time. I made a very beautiful friend on the blockchain after she suffered a traumatic passing of a loved one. To be precise her Sister whom she adored, her heart was broken... We chatted about it, became firm friends.

Later she helped me when I was going through a difficult time with my mental health. We both played an important part of each-others well-being over the course of a year... From a comment!!! Isn't that crazy?

Let's look at that scenario differently... I should mention that we both had incredibly small upvotes ((that's important for the point I am going to make.))

What if we were both looking round the blockchain for something to engage on or upvote to try and get 5 cents or 10 cents or maybe even a dollar? We would have missed out on so, so much more, I mean things that money cannot buy!

One of the things I like the most when others read a post and comment on it for pleasure. In that interaction, friendships and bonds are born.

Oh Brother I can't even tell you just how much this comment resonates with me!

I will finish by saying that sometimes I write a comment to somebody that is longer than 5 posts, a ((supposedly)) smart man may say, you spent all that time you would have gained so much more by writing posts and I would answer I would have gained so much less!

Finally I love to engage with people regarding their posts especially if no-one else has commented on it and it has a tiny payout because you and I both know that sometimes the thought that someone took the time to read your words and show that someone cares is bloody priceless.

Take great care of you and yours my friend :)

Thank you for that beautiful comment. I see we agree on many things.

It has also happened to me that I have written giant and unappreciated comments. Maybe not everyone likes to be commented on in their posts :/

But I'm glad I found someone else who appreciates the comments :D

Stay in touch! ^_^

Since I joined the community, it has been a happy time for me. The curation might not be so high, but the interactions is what make the whole experience exciting. I HOPE the project keeps growing!

 5 months ago 

Hi @joelagbo

Curations were much higher before recent HF23. Lately we've lost 150k SP in delegations (since many users moved out from Steemit) and steemauto isn't working (our curation trail was worth >200k SP).

Unfortunatelly we need to rebuild our voting power.

Acorns ---> Trees ---> Acorns ((again hey it happens sometimes)) ---> Even stronger trees ---> FOREST OF AWESOMENESS. 😎

Life is cyclical at times, but we must be patient and wait for one cycle to run it's course before another can begin in earnest!

Is it just me or did I begin to start sounding like a bad fortune cookie??? 😁

That is the perfect attitude my friend!

The words 'together & community' sum up all the very best that we can aspire to. Keep reaching, keep striving, keep engaging and the pathway to success is absolutely certain my friend.

Thankyou so much for stopping by and double thanks for taking the time to comment, it is most appreciated. Take good care of you and yours, very best-wishes from me and mine, we will cross paths many times along the journey I am sure :)

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