Avoid Panic Selling.....!

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So hello everyone how are you all hope so everyone is well and good so friends in today's post i will be sharing my views on panic selling which majority of us do even at certain point of time i have also done this but yes as with experience i have completely stopped doing it.


Market Dump and Fud...!

When there is fud going around the market then the market can bleed a lot and that too without any major support it continues to fall apart and while seeing this fall new people in the market get panic attack and start selling. But after they sell they are the one who will be regretting this decision as after a sudden fall the market recovers at a very great speed.

Patience Is the Key To Success.....!

We have heard of this quote from many big investors and people those who are very successful have always repeated this quote and that is patience is the key to success. I do believe in it and also follow it as this is completely true.

So when the market starts to fall so keep your patience level high so that you can go through this tough time and earn some great returns in long run.

Thanks friends have a great day ahead.


I agree with you if you are a long term investors don't panic and hold tight this is crypto market anything can happen here.

Hi @sumit71428 A great virtue patience, especially when it comes to market values, but you are right it is essential to have it and wait for the best oprtunities, greetings.

Sure, panic sell can mean selling at low price and as usual price increases after a dump it best if someone is patient enough the market will always recovery from dump.

I must confess that I feel a bit discouraged and perplexed. I may not sell, but I have thought about not investing any more. Money? No, time and effort in creating content here, in Hive, Noise.cash and so on. I feel like it's all for nothing and this will continue to free fall.

And yes, I admit, I have thought about selling what's in my humble portfolio, but I know it wouldn't be the best decision.

Patience, then, my dear. It is the right thing to have at this time. We will do it and it will pay off. We hope so.

Thank you for your reflection and words of encouragement. Best regards.

I like that many people are sharing the awareness about not panic selling, it is really a big loss, crypto goes up and down so it can't be predicted but waiting will always be better than selling just because the fear of losing more.