Plagiarism Facts & Hope: Project Hope community will be free from plagiarism!

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If you write a post for your blog but few days later you saw that someone stole your article and pasted it on his own or any other blog without your permission, even without giving the reference of original post link, how would you feel?

Thank you, all of this awesome community. I hope that all are you hate the plagiarism and always try to avoid this. Thanks to @josevas217 and @project.hope for their post against plagiarism. Their two post are pinned in announcement section on this community. Everybody should read carefully the two post before publish his own contents here.

1. Some important points to avoid falling into Plagiarism

2. One more reminder about PROJECT HOPE stand on PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

I think plagiarism is dangerous diseases on blogging platform. So strictly handle this issue for create nice environment.

What is Plagiarism
Those who steal the writings and ideas of others and continue to say their own. In the many cases, plagiarism is a punishable offence under intellectual property violation act.

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Why plagiarism
According to me, two types of plagiarism is occur...

I) intentionally: This type of plagiarism is dangerous. They intentionally steal someone's intellectual property and say it their own. The reason behind this they are not willing to give enough time and merit to produce content or they have no capacity to create contents.

ii) Unintentionally: Sometimes a few sentences, some part or a paragraph of any writings may match due to different reason but not intentionally. In this case, content creator are ready to accept his fault and he/she will change it when he understood about plagiarism materials.

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How to identify the plagiarism
In ancient times, to detect plagiarism is very hard job but now it is easier to detect plagiarism.
There are some software to detect plagiarism. We can also check it on online for free. I personally use the following website to check the plagiarism.


I usually try it before publish a new post. Most the time it gives 70-80% accurate result. I suggest that check your content before publish it. You can use simply by copy your content and paste the above-mentioned website and check the uniqueness of your content. It's a very simple so you can try.

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Tips: How to avoid plagiarism
• Put your original ideas and thought:
It’s a first and important thing that write something with your own ideas and thinking. You can read lots of related article but finally you have to produce content from your thinking, ideas and opinion.

• Paraphrasing
Paraphrasing is an art if you do properly. In this case we should cite the source.

• Cite or references your original content sources
Most of the time we may use thoughts of others but it has not major problem if we can use proper citation or reference of original sources.

• You can use quotation marks with author
When we use someone’s quote, we must use quotation marks with the name of authors.

So, conclusion is that we expect Project Hope community will be free from plagiarism. The above opinion is mine and if you feel any mistake on this please comments your idea.

N.B: This post is also published on my another blog ( Here


Very good your publication friend, I think it is excellent that you have provided us with the pages to perform the searches, thank you very much. On the other hand I have used pages to detect plagiarism and it is curious the fact that many times we have made original content and sometimes we refer that it is not, or at least not 100% which seemed crazy to me. But I understood that many words are used by others at some point and that's why that certain percentage occurs, that is, in my opinion those pages are not totally safe to detect plagiarism. That's my opinion!

you said really well. according to me is little bit more accurate than others. Thank you for your valuable opinion.

 4 months ago 

@tipu curate

Solid read @team007
Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Thank you very much :)

You've really nailed the point about plagiarism and I must say this really very explicit and well written. I just hope every plagiarists will read this and learn some important lessons from this great write up!

If you write a post for your blog but few days later you saw that someone stole your article and pasted it on his own or any other blog without your permission, even without giving the reference of original post link, how would you feel?

On a serious note, this is what I usually ask myself before engaging in any dubious act. I'm always wondering how some people plagiarize without them feeling any sense of guilt or offence just to make money for their own personal sake. This is really very bad.

It's really great @crypto.piotr and @gbenga are now working on fishing out of the plagiarist on @project.hope via big brother which will not only reduce the level of plagiarism on project hope community, but it will make the community more efficient and lovely place to be.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

Hello friend @team007, thanks for sharing.

Really, the Project HOPE team is working so that situations like these do not appear or are habitual within the community.

Thanks for being here, Welcome to Project HOPE.

Thanks for your nice comment, friend!

 4 months ago 

Dear @team007

without your permission, even without giving the reference of original post link, how would you feel?

Imagine if such a person is also profiting from doing it. That's even worse, isn't it?

Finally I've managed to read your post. I bookmarked it like 2 days ago, to ensure to check it out once I have some free time :)

Solid read, upvoted already.
Yours, Piotr

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