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RobiniaSwap is the first Def opened by blockfield. inc company and it is a cross-chain type Defi that supports many blockchains such as STEEM, HSC, RIZON, etc.

RobiniaSwap provides Defi development services and programs thus supporting many Defi development services and building a growing ecosystem. I believe that working with a variety of ecosystem users is critical to long-term performance and development and is working diligently with many platforms and communities to grow their environment.

Also, to enable their partners to make this process easier and smoother, RobiniaSwap will also expand support services for editors, designers, former developers, and smart contract developers; completely different and speaks volumes about their way of dealing with this Defi space completely. All this and much more and that too, at very low prices too.

It has already been discussed to expand to Hoo Smart Chain and RIZON blockchain, and they are thinking about expanding to other blockchains in the future.


Image taken from Robinia Site

Robinia Swap Features and Advantages

  • STEEM Blockchain Linkage Service.

RobiniaSwap launches services with a long-term Token incineration model using STEEM.
All of RobiniaSwap's Deposit Fees, except for operating costs, are used for STEEM Coin purchases, and purchased STEEMs are locked up to the SP for a year and used for continuous RBS token incineration and RobiniaSwap development.

  • Transfer Tax (Automatic Burning System)

Robinia Swap has Transfer Tax. All RBS tokens Transaction will be charged a 5% fee and the fee will be automatically incinerated.

  • Building a Robinia Swap Ecosystem

Robinia will support IFOs, Defi service development through Business Partnerships.
Incinerate RBS tokens through IFOs and grow with reliable projects. Robinia supports the development of Defi services to multiple partner companies, enabling RBS tokens to be utilized in a variety of ecosystems.

  • Cross-chain Bridge

Robinia supports cross-chain bridges with multiple blockchains, including STEEM, Hoo Smart Chain, and RIZON. Robinia enables multiple blockchain users to take advantage of Robinia Swap over the bridge.

  • Airdrop and Marketing Support

Robinia Swap actively leverages STEEM blockchain and actively supports the marketing of token airdrop and partners associated with the Robinia Swap ecosystem using its own service, SteamField. RBS token holders can earn additional revenue from Airdrop and partners can gain positive publicity.

Robinia Swap Token Basic Information

Token Name: RobiniaSwap
Token Symbol: RBS
Chain : Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Max Supply: Unlimited (Can be changed by governance voting)
RBS Token Per Block: 5 (initial emission rate).
Chain ID: 56
Block Explorer URL:

The emission rate will be adjusted reduce gradually.
Transfer Tax: 5%


Source - Coinmarketcap

RBS Price Statistics

RobiniaSwap Token Price$0.3137
Price Change24h$0.02578 (8.96%)
24h Low / 24h High$0.2839 / $0.318
Trading Volume 24h$138,221.40 (2.73%)
Volume / Market Cap1.35
Market Rank3780

My experience

I have been adding my crypto to the Robinia Swap project since the first day it was launched. I have found that the process of installing my crypto, without converting it to another brand, is very simple and it doesn’t time-consuming.

the profits were very good (up to 10x to 20x ) and could be used in a variety of ways, including those methods, harvesting RBS tokens, and placing them in another dam, which has a 0% deposit amount. And I can convert them to any token I refer from the tokens available (More) in this project.

The price of RBS token is increasing day by day so now its the perfect time to buy and I am also looking forward to buying more and more,

CC: @roadofrich @robinia @nia @robiniaswap @robinia.witness

Robiniaswap links :


Discord Channel:

Robiniaswap official documentation

Looking forward to your responses : )



First all its a very nice project , and the audit report is also good..and the team is working hard to keep the project in the track and doing good deployment. this is very good to see new services launching.

Greetings @ teky
No doubt it is a great projector RobiniaSwap, like you, I also invested at the beginning of the project and I am convinced that it will consolidate for the benefit of all investors,
Thank you very much for sharing your publication.

Hello @dgalan, YOU ARE RIGHT


Hi @teky

Extraordinary content about #RobiniaSwap that you are sharing with us, I confess that what I liked the most about this platform, is that Robinia supports cross-chain bridges with multiple blockchains, including STEEM.

Best regards, be well.

Greetings @lupafilotaxia,

Thank you for appreciating : )

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